First there was the “Cupcake Invasion” which was quickly followed by the “Frozen Yogurt Invasion.” From my vantage point up here in the South Coast food traffic control tower I can tell you that a full-scale “Food Truck Invasion” is now underway.

The first shot was fired by the Burger Bus which is run by Michael and Cheryl Gardner. The Burger Bus offers hamburgers, cheeseburgers, falafel sandwiches, grilled cheese, yam fries, onion rings, and fried pickle chips. Frequent locations include 50 Castialian Dr, 315 Bollay Dr, 420 S. Fairview Ave, 216 E Gutierrez and 528 Anacapa St. For more information visit, and Facebook.

Mobile Café, launched in August 2010, is the Santa Barbara School District’s Department of Nutrition Services food truck that offers salads, hamburgers, tacos and burritos. Locations include Montecito Union Elementary School, Santa Barbara High School and San Marcos High School and various events around town. Dos Pueblos High School will be added soon. For more information visit and

Culture Shock arrived in February 2011. The brainchild of Ian and Nirosha, Culture Shock’s cuisine comes from Sri Lanka, a sovereign island nation in South Asia. The menu includes Chicken Curry, Deviled Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Bratwurst, Blackened Fish Curry, Rocos and a variety of vegetarian/vegan items. Locations include 71 S. Los Carneros Rd, 495 S. Fairview Ave, 5383 Hollister Ave, Cottage Hospital (Bath & Pueblo) and the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum 2559 Puesta del Sol. For more information visit, and Facebook.

O Street Truck, launched in April 2011, is run by Liz Bradley who has been a gourmet food manufacturer and pastry chef with Olive Street Table for the past eight years. Offering Mediterranean, French-Mex and French Vietnamese fare, the menu includes banh mi sandwiches, French pastry pizzas, French Vietnamese tacos and Provencal tomato-basil soup.  Locations include 110 State St, 436 State St, 15 W. Ortega St, 2320 Bath St, 530 E. Montecito St, 4050 Calle Real, 5383 Hollister Ave and 71 S. Los Carneros Rd. For more information visit, and

Lickety Split’s, launched two weeks ago, is a service from Matt McBride, who has been involved with mobile food special events for 15 years. Lickety Split’s offers frozen yogurt, yogurt & cookie sandwiches, iced coffee and iced lattes. Locations include 71 S. Los Carneros Rd, 5425 Hollister Ave, 5427 Hollister Ave, 520 E. Montecito St and 110 State St. For more information visit, and Facebook.

Road Dogs officially begins service this Sunday, May 29 at the old Bebop Burger location at 110 State St. Technically not a food truck, Road Dogs is a custom-made “food cart on steroids.” Family owned and operated, Road Dogs will be run by Carol Dailey and her husband Jared Guthrie. In between tours playing bass for Courtney Love’s band “Hole,” son Shawn Dailey handles promotions, marketing and booking. While offering Nathans-style snap dogs, their menu includes specialty dogs such as The Mac Daddy (mac ‘n cheese, onions, bacon), Sweet Baby Ray (bbq dog), the New Yorker and a “Road Dog” which is a classic chili cheese. Locations will be all over Santa Barbara including 110 State St, 15 W. Ortega St and 28 Anacapa St. For more information visitand and

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  1. Tyler says:

    Why is the financially-strapped SB School District spending big money on Mobile Cafes? Each truck serves food at the exact same location on campus every day which negates the need for mobile. I thought this is what a cafeteria is for. Sure, the food trucks also cater events around town (Solstice, Fiesta, Earth Day), but is that where the school district should be investing our tax dollars instead of into education?

  2. David Ross says:

    A truck is a lot less expensive than a cafeteria . . .

  3. Eric says:

    Actually, the SB School District’s truck was purchased with assistance from a grant from a local foundation in order to a) provide mobile and healthy food options on the various campuses, b) help bring additional revenue from community events to the food services department, and to c) encourage kids to stay on campus by eating at the truck as opposed to offsite b/c of perceptions of eating ‘cafeteria food.’ In doing so, the school district is again earning additional revenue by keeping kids on campus. So not to worry, your taxes are still going where you’d like them to go… Nice work, SBSD!

  4. none says:

    Nice event, however if I’m paying $6 and up for a hot dog, they should be beef (like the Kirkland kind) with more than just a tablespoon of topping. I was very disappointed to get a skinny, kinda warm dog with skimpy toppings. They really need to beef it up at Road Dogs.

    • Carol says:

      So sorry that you had a less than desireable dog. We would like to make that up to you by having you come and visit us again and have a dog of your choice on us. Hopefully it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

  5. Glenn says:

    Where do you guys “normally” hang out Carol or do you usually just set up for special event weekends? I’d come by if I had more info on where you were at especially on weekdays. You may want to come out to the Goleta business area as other trucks do at lunch time.

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