I’m told that there will be a gathering of all the local food trucks this coming Sunday, May 29 at the old BeBop Burger parking lot at 110 State Street from 11 am – 4 pm.

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  1. Huyen says:

    Sooo glad this is finally happening in Santa Barbara. Food truck parks are common in funky, fun cities all around the U.S and there’s no reason we shouldn’t be apart of this growing food trend. it’s a great community builder, and what better place to set up some picnic tables outside, enjoy good food, weather and company?

  2. Paul says:

    The food this time around is actually good.

    • Mike says:

      We had one of those older food trucks come by our business every day. Nice folks, good food and cheap. Now you have fancy trucks, high prices but also good food. I prefer good and cheap myself. I also miss the lady that was selling tamales and potato tacos out of the trunk of her car – they were so good. Later, after the county car was tailing her, we never saw her again!

  3. Tired of Trolls says:

    SL you leave some of the most negative comments on this blog. Can you calm down and take a happy pill. I am always in a happy mood when i look at this site and all your comments do is make me upset and I leave the website. If I were John i would have you removed from the boards because you are pushing people away from the blog. Good job at ruining something good.

    As for the food trucks I am really excited. I love the burger bus!

  4. Chris K says:

    Well I know what to avoid this weekend. I hate all the hype around these trucks!

  5. Food Lover says:

    Good! People like you need to stay @ home and be mad at the world 🙂

  6. Joe says:

    I agree too that SL needs to be removed from this site. SL inputs stink and do nothing for this site. Its nice to see locals trying to survive in this town. I look forward to trying all these new food trucks.

  7. M says:

    Hmmm…. entrepreneurs who are passionate about food? There is not a bad thing about that!!!! Haters, stay home and continue hating your lives.

  8. Christine! says:

    I have only eaten at the Burger Bus (delicious)- I look forward to getting a chance to visit them all.

  9. Glenn says:

    Thanks for adding this John! Gives me some new places to try.

  10. Jason H says:

    Culture Shock’s chicken roco is incredibly tasty!

  11. cassandra says:

    who attended the food truck gathering this past sunday and how was it????

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