I did a rare thing today: I added a new main category to the restaurant guide home page. The new category is Food Trucks.

I also added several food trucks to the guide: Culture Shock, Lickety Split’s, Mobile Cafe, O Street Truck and Road Dogs. Blue Truck ice cream and Burger Bus, who were already in the guide, were also added to the new Food Trucks category.

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7 Responses to NEW IN THE GUIDE

  1. Whirldly says:

    This is a great addition, Food Trucks rely much more on internet interaction so you listing them will be very helpful. I have only tried O Street so far, and it is excellent & a great deal.

  2. Paul says:

    Glad you did this. Looking forward to trying them all. So far I’ve done Burger Bus and O Street.

  3. foodie says:

    So excited Santa Barbara is joining the food truck culture!

  4. K says:

    Paul I was wondering what you did with Burger Bus and O Street?

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