The fully remodeled Starbucks at State & De la Guerra reopened last Friday. Amazingly they added a second story loft inside for additional seating. Even though the interior looks twice as big now, I’m told that all the remodeling was done without expanding into neighboring real estate. That’s quite an accomplishment.

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3 Responses to NEW & IMPROVED

  1. Angela says:

    WOW! That looks really nice! Can’t wait to check it out in person.

  2. Rob says:

    That one used to be the best Starbucks in town a few years back. They had such a great crew working there, they were all incredibly friendly, remembered what your drink was, asked you about your day, and you could tell they all genuinely got along and were friends. Then one by one they started to move on to bigger and better things and that location has never been the same (service wise). I always go to the one on Victoria now, but I’ll have to check out the remodel.

  3. EP says:

    They used to have rooms upstairs that they used for training, I think they knocked out the walls to make that space for customers, rather than employees.

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