This just in from Cafe Stella at 3302 McCaw Ave:

We are open…and ready for happy hour! Merci! …Thank you!… To our new neighbors, supporters, friends…to the local community And many thanks to our staff for making our new project happen!

Go Team Café Stella!! Special thanks to: Aaron Nawai (Café Stella Manager and previous Stella Mare’s Manager), Jason Banks (Café Stella and Stella Mare’s Executive Chef) as well as Jesus, Carlos, Justine, Francisco and Tawny…for their hard work and dedication Café Stella is officially open! The last 3 days have been great and the feedback is amazing.

News flash! We are starting Happy Hour this week: Monday thru Friday 4pm to 7pm: $2.50 beer (Corona, Budweiser, Bud light, Coors light), $3.50 house wine by the glass, $4 margaritas and madras, $4 appetizers (to change weekly). This week: Merguez hot dog, Shrimp, avocado, tomato bruschetta 

See you all at Café Stella!

Thank you again,
café stella // 3302 McCaw ave //  569 7698

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  1. Pam Strickland says:

    My husband and I went to Cafe Stella on Friday (opening day to the public) and loved it! We read about it here and are so glad you wrote about it. Lovely decor, friendly staff, good food…a winner!

  2. Fay Pressley says:

    We also went on the First open Friday and loved it as well. Charming, comfortable and delicious. Our friends wanted to go to a “happy hour” so we did not stay as long as we would have liked; low and behold – now they offer happy hour – guess were going back this Friday!

  3. SL says:

    We ate here the other night, what we had was very good. The space is nice, not insanely loud, not overdone, just overall comfortable. The cocktails were very generous and strong. We had the fried artichoke appetizer, can’t really go wrong with fried artichokes, not mind blowing or anything but tasty and I really liked the dipping sauce. The burger here is a serious contender for best in SB. It was by far the best burger I’ve had in SB in recent memory.

    The service seemed pretty green, but was quick, a bit too much so as we felt a bit rushed. Also things like not taking people plates away while others at the table are still eating have not been addressed by management (a common thing in SB where most service staff are college kids who could care less about being truly professional). Overall though the service was adequate and better than average.

    The price was very reasonable and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal. This is a very welcome addition to this part of town and I hope they do well as they should. Thumbs up!

  4. DMTR says:

    Went for breakfast, had a very bad experience
    Over 15 minutes to get water. Every other table on the patio was waiting excessively for everything.
    Not likely to return

  5. Florence Michel says:

    I had a very nice lunch at Cafe Stella on Tuesday. The Caeser Salad was fine but I asked if I could have some bread with the salad and was surprised to be charged $4.00 for about six small slices of a baguette. That seems out of line.

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