I recently reported that a new sign appeared at 330 State Street indicating that the name of the restaurant currently under construction at that address will be “El Rio.” The White family, who owns this Mexican restaurant in addition to Fishouse, Boathouse and Shellfish Co., tell me that they came up with a new name: “Casa Blanca.”

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  1. S.Miller says:

    Seriously! Unbelievable! Never a good word for a new business. I can’t wait to try this new restaurant out! You know you don’t have to be of ethnicity to open a “specific style” of restaurant you just have to hire a chef that knows what they are doing. Most restaurant owners are just investors/managers not the chefs.

    • Leslie says:

      The above comment wasn’t negative. They were simply stating it was a clever name. Casa means house, Blanca – white (owner’s last name). It goes with the Fishouse, Boat House theme. Looking forward to trying it!

  2. Well there was a Casa Blanca in that area for many years.

  3. Andi ^..^~ says:

    The name Casa Blanca is not new to Santa Barbara , nor is the tradition of good food for family traditions . Taking on a name of an establishment that runs deep in Santa Barbarans hearts is a bold statement and a good marketing point, however the proof will be in the food , the service and the over all experience .. but Cheers for something new !!
    Long live the small businesses of our area ..Whoohoo!

  4. Rebecca Brand says:

    I heard today they are still undecided about the name, but my vote is for “White House” aka “Casa Blanca”!

  5. Kirk Sandland says:

    We tried to have lunch at the new Casa Blanca twice, after we finally found parking the first time we could not find the entrance. I went in the side door from parking lot. No one greeted us.. several young employees were standing around the bar talking so we left.

    We thought lets try one one time. We returned several days later still not sure which door to enter, I walked in and was not greeted, so I stood for a few minuets and was finally asked “what are you looking for?”, I was a bit confused as I was looking for lunch or a table to sit at. I asked if we could sit outside with our small dog and she said she thought so, as soon as we were to be seated another employee approached and said our small dog must be tired to outside of patio fence. We will never return, there are so many choices in Santa Barbara with better service and trained staff which are dog friendly.

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