A new mobile gourmet food service named “O Street Truck,” specializing in Mediterranean, French-Mex and French Vietnamese fare, has started service on the South Coast. This week’s schedule is below. For more information visit ostreettruck.com.

  • Tuesday @ Mentor, 5425 Hollister @ Patterson
  • Wednesday @ Smart Receipt, 55 Castilian
  • Thursday @ Allergan, 71 S. Los Carneros
  • Friday @ Commission Junction/SB Business Center, 530 E. Montecito St., SB
  • Saturday @ Farmer’s Market, Anacapa & Cota, SB
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  1. Julibelle says:

    This truck rocks! Deelicious food and snappy service. Everyone should watch these folks!

  2. foodie says:

    I have been in the restaurant biz for a few years, and I have seen my share of failed businesses I don’t see how this food truck will be able to stay in business with the cost of doing biz in santa barbara and their $ 2.00 tacos that are ok, but nothing special.

    Good luck to you O Street! you will need it!

  3. lori says:

    i checked on line to see where they were going to be, and guess what i waited at a stupid beach location and they never came. Thank you O Street i will not search for your your truck. Word of advice: If you say you will be some where be there!

  4. lori says:

    Not the best, just ok.

  5. david says:

    Sorry Lori that you waited at the beach location. We forgot to update the calendar on the website that we could not make it to our locations Sunday and Monday. The truck was having a transmission problem so we had an emergency shop visit.

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