After 5 months in business cupcake specialist Whodidily World at 811 State Street in Paseo Nuevo abruptly closed earlier this month then reopened under new ownership as Whodelicious. I called Whodidily – Montecito, which is still open for business as usual, and was told that Whodidily owner Wendy Jones no longer owns the Paseo Nuevo dessert destination. A reader tells me that there is now a sign posted at the Montecito store saying they are not affiliated with the downtown location. Santa Barbara’s newest cupcakery has a web site online at whodelicious.com.

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  1. Paul Costales says:

    Who Woulda thought?

  2. SB says:

    I think it’s a little weird that they changed the name, but kept it oddly similar. They also kept all the same types of cupcakes and just changed the names a bit. This seems like it would cause a lot of confusion for those actually looking for WhoDidily.

  3. Whodi says:

    I agree with SB. This is really strange. Not only can you still see some Whodidily written in parts of the Whodelicious store but the baker and froster are the same that were hired to work at the Montecito store.
    Breanne Davis is the owner of the Whodelicious Facebook page. Either her or Wendy Jones should give an explanation of what really happened after only 5 months. But I’m sure something bad!

  4. Frank says:

    Still better than those dry crushcakes.

  5. Andy says:

    wow, I was there with my girlfriend last month and we both decided to sign up for their mailing list at the Paseo shop. I guess if you signed up at the Paseo shop you are now on the Whodelicious mailing list instead, I got a postcard the other day for my birthday to get a free cupcake that’s complete custom Whodelicious stationary. makes me think this was in the making for some time instead of just an abrupt closure/transfer of ownership?

  6. mark mooney says:

    oh come on people…. they’re cupcakes…. if the cheese and wine shop there before couldn’t make it you think cupcakes are going to???? get real…

  7. SB insider says:

    PN doesn’t bake there cupcakes. Wendy’s team did out in Goleta, and she would deliver them everyother day. So if the partnership is split. Don’t expect the same flavor!

  8. S.Miller says:

    Cakes are so 80’s I would take a cupcake any day, and when I came across the new store in PN I was a little concerned myself. Sometimes it’s better to just keep it simple with one shop. Yes there are many cupcake shops in town a little pricey, however I agree with Enjoy Cupcakes if you have a chance to go up to Los Olivos and try and infused wine cupcake with a glass of wine, amazing and the vintage trailer outside is adorable!! Now that’s a cupcake with creativity!

    • SL says:

      Cakes are so 80’s and cupcakes are for little kids birthday parties. In 2011 its all about pies.

      • S.Miller says:

        I didn’t realize so many little kids got married these days! I’ve been to numerous weddings and parties and never once saw a pie there! But if you have a name of a great pie shop in town that makes delicious entertaining looking pies than please tell me I love pies but never really saw them as a centerpiece but hey there are a lot of creative people in this town so maybe this could be the next big thing!

        I must say I do love the show Cupcake Wars show on TV and the cake shows too! Still not a big fan of a ton of frosting though so pies could be good!

  9. mary poppins says:

    Wendy wasn’t happy with her silent partner at the new store. The quality of the product as well as the customer service was being compromised so she decided to leave the partnership. Yes the new name at PN is confusing and is totally wrong of the new owners. I have to give it to Wendy and her husband though because they are loyal to their customers and wanted to make sure they were getting the best. What a “cupcake war”!!!!!!

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