Last night several members of the local “food media” were invited to attend an event at the Wine Cask titled “Welcome to the Chef’s Counter.” I was lucky enough to be included on the invite list.

When I arrived at the Wine Cask the first thing I noticed was the private dining room with a big table all setup for dinner. I immediately struck up a conversation with several attendees. I was served a delicious drink in a finely crafted glass. I handed out a stack of business cards and received a stack of business cards. I took a bunch of pictures. I was surprised, however, that I was the only one who seemed to know anything about local restaurants.

After about 15 minutes it dawned on me that everyone I had met was a financial advisor and wearing a suit. I was at Wine Cask sure enough, but I was at the WRONG event. I had accidentally crashed a party put on by a division of Wells Fargo. I had a great time, however, and hope they invite me back!

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5 Responses to OOPS!

  1. Paul says:

    Oh man that is an awesome story. Did they think you were a celebrity guest invited to share local restaurant news?

  2. Glenn says:

    At least you have some contacts to invest your millions now!

  3. Andi ^..^~ says:

    Well, John , they were all very like to have met you 🙂
    and OH GEEZ , hun 🙂 so funny .. love it

  4. Amanda says:

    OMG that’s so funny!

  5. Rebecca Brand says:

    A handsome guy like you is always welcomed! Come crash my parties sometime!

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