On August 18, 2010, when the news broke that a restaurant is coming to 330 State Street, I wrote that sources told me it would be serving Mexican cuisine. On February 10, 2011 I posted a rumor that the name of the restaurant might become “The Rio.”

Last weekend I was walking by 330 State St and noticed that a new sign has appeared, dated April 2, 2011. It says the name of the business coming to that address is “El Rio” and that the applicant name is “El Rio Bravo Del Norte, Inc.”  which seems to confirm both of the earlier predictions. It appears construction is still in the early stages. El Rio is being brought to you by Tom & Adam White, the owners of Boathouse, FisHouse and Santa Barbara Shellfish Company.

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6 Responses to EL RIO UPDATE

  1. Glenn says:

    Yeah but it will be that specialized “Del Norte” mexican food!

  2. Glenn says:

    They should change it to “Rio De” something as SB needs a Brazilian restaurant similar to those near 405 and Venice Bl. An empanada place would be nice too(Argentinian food). If its on lower State they are after the tourist crowd I’m sure for Mexican food. Seems like Sharkeez is right there.

  3. tom white says:

    While the application is filed under El Rio Bravo del Norte, insider betting predicts that the restaurant will be flying under the colors of Casa Blanca. Remember that it is the White family that is bringing this new offering for your dining pleasure and entertainment. I’ll make one other prediction:
    You’re going to love it!

  4. sonia moreno says:

    Will this be open for fiestas weekend ?

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