I recently heard about a new commissary/commercial kitchen named Events Unlimited that has opened at 205 Santa Barbara St (805-966-4818), right across from Metropulos deli. I hear that several businesses share the space including Wild Cutures ( who makes kombucha tea infused with locally grown organic fruits and sells them by the bottle and Vegan Mario ( who serves vegan/raw food noon-2:30pm.

Here is a message I received about Events Unlimited:

Hey there John…

James Johnson of Events Unlimited here… you should come and check out our commissary/commercial kitchen– we are doing some really special things on a daily basis….

Our raw food kitchen is setup (complete with Ahlem’s ionizing machine for its water)– you have to try Mario’s RawlFredo sauce because it is really fantastic! Our 20′ communal lunch-time table (serving a pasta of the day and salad)is almost finished-desperately looking for picnic benches. Adam’s Kombucha fermenting room is over the top and there’s kombucha “on-tap”… Michael’s pasta machine is kicking out beautiful pasta in all the shapes and sizes one would expect and its really good pasta that totally behaves when being cooked (no clumps, break-away pieces, gummy results… Nada!)   The chocolate bars that Mike and Elaine made here from “bean to bar” are pretty darn awesome and we have “Souper Woman” Carol making a variety of jared soups.  Ahlem’s ionizing machines can make “fresh” water of varying degrees of PH for drinking to cleaning purposes. Everyone here is creating something of interest, great purpose and good taste- as in both sense of the phrase- its all really cool. And I shouldn’t forget to mention our newest team members Scott and Lea- they have a converted 1960’s Air stream trailer and they peddle organic fare around town at lunchtime.  Events Unlimited will develop some catering endeavors with them as well… you really should call me and come for a tour…. it’s a bit over the top… in a Santa Barbara sort of way…

Very best John,

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  1. rogue says:

    this sounds inCREdible!!! when i moved here from back east several years ago i kind of expected places like this in SB and was surprised that there weren’t any…better late than never, can’t wait to check it out 🙂 best of luck to them!

  2. So excited that Santa Barbara’s first truly vegan restaurant is open for business!! For those curious about veganism, please check out AND try out Mario’s food! You will be amazed at how good cruelty-free food can taste. 🙂

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