I was at Coffee Bean 3052 De La Vina St last weekend having a chat with Richard Payatt, owner of 4 local Taco Bell restaurants, when we were approached by two girls conducting research for a class project at Peabody School. Pictured are Carley McDaniel (left) and Hannah Lingoot (right). 

Carley and Hannah said they made some brownies and asked us if we liked them. I decided to not participate because I don’t eat desserts (how cruel!) but Richard did and he remarked that the brownies were salty.

It turns out that the girls were not really conducting research to see if people liked their brownies. In reality, they created brownies loaded with way too much salt and were conducting research to see how many people would pretend to like them. They also conducted research at nearby Trader Joe’s.

I thought this was an interesting idea and asked them if they would share their results with me which they did. Their research found out that the majority of people did tell the truth about the awful-tasting brownies. And of those that lied about liking the brownies, men lied more often than women.

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  1. Paul says:

    Cool to see some research being conducted by youngsters. I probably wouldn’t have the heart to tell some young kids their brownies stunk.

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