Santa Barbara will soon have two vegan restaurants right next to each other. Alchemy Arts Cafe just opened at 430 Chapala Street and The Chamomile is opening soon, 30 feet away, at 426 Chapala Street.

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  1. Amanda H says:

    I for one am VERY happy to see not just one, but two, vegan restaurants coming to town. While I am not a vegan I am on a restricted diet (due to a medical condition) I am always happy to see the number of restaurants I can eat at grow.

    I look forward to checking them out in the near future.

  2. WM says:

    Somebody should have done their research before deciding to open to similar places right next to each other with both serving a rather small portion of the population. So which one of these places is the first to make an appearance in the “Rest in Peace” portion of the blog for business that have closed within the last 6 months? I’m guessing 426 Chapala since recent history at that spot seems to be littered with one failure after another.

  3. foodie says:

    I am extremely happy that there are two new restaurants opening with a new concept for SB.
    I think we should ALL, whether we are vegan or not, support these two establishments because it is us, the locals, who keep restaurants alive and running -especially new ones.

    OD and S.Miller, you both are invited to dine with me anytime you like!

  4. A SB Native says:

    Please also note that the parking lot in between those two locations is NOT open to the public or the restaurant patrons. It is a private lot for permit holders only.

    Other that that….. I am excited for the restaurants. I hope they do well.

  5. S.Miller says:

    Actually I am an “SUV driving, meat eating republican kind of gal” who is NOT angry by all means. Extremely passionate and gives back to the community which I happen to love and support in many ways. Wow! Let’s talk about angry, have you read your own posts, “terrorists, right wingers, Charles Manson” im sure there are a lot of really great therapists who specialize in anger management but they don’t use blogs so not sure if you would be interested since you won’t be able to offer any feedback. Look I’m just here to support our local businesses not bash them. My time has been wasted enough on this. I feel my point came across so I’m done and going to get a bite to eat at one of our amazing local restaurants!!!!

  6. Glenn says:

    I think there is a book in your future, or have you written one already? 🙂 You can just drop by Shaloob for the meat, plop it on a table and just have a salad! I tend to try places regardless of what they serve and review accordingly, but I guess its one you can steer(moo) clear of.

  7. Huyen Nguyen says:

    I think he’s doing it for attention and being ridiculous because he has nothing else better to do but provoke people. The more we respond the more it will fuel him to be silly and over the top with nonsense. He knows exactly what he’s doing and is probably “OD” too – which would be even more strange…

    • OD says:

      Actually I have no idea what I’m doing. Just so you know.

    • a p c says:

      i loooooove when troll-y 4chan-esque flame-wars happen on these sites that are mostly frequented by older (than eleven years old) internet people. It’s the same stuff over and over.
      Troll: Rarr! I am special and enlightened and disagree with you all because u r stupid!
      community: whoa whoa here is some counter-argument
      Troll: MOAR RANTZ
      community: wait wait don’t say anything to them, don’t feed the trolls!
      Troll: (either starts attacking people’s grammar or going OH IM ACTUALLY A WOMAN/NOT WHAT Y’ALL ASSUMED I WAS [this is almost never a good internet move])

      It’s the same every time! I love you, older internet people.

  8. S.Miller says:

    Well there we go another angry woman in this world who feels the need to bash out at everyone else for their attempts to try and become successful men or women. As I was looking thru all the other posts and her angry post responses now I understand why she bashed those Happy Hour Housewives on their blog. I looked at it today for the first time and I am excited to say there is finally a place I can find online that talks about Happy Hours and what they have to offer as far as the times and prices and detailed info! My friends and I search the Internet and call restaurants all the time for this information. Now I’m just gonna go to their site. Looks like they have fun like the rest of us at Happy Hour, keep blogging I need to know the next spot to go to!

  9. Hi All–

    Turns out Alchemy Arts Cafe isn’t vegan…it’s vegetarian. They serve eggs at breakfast and offer goat’s milk for their coffees. Their lunch menu seems to be vegan, but because of the use of animal products in other of their offerings, you can’t call this restaurant “vegan”. I had lunch there today and will post a review tonight on their page as well as at the Go Vegan Santa Barbara Facebook page.

  10. Glenn says:

    I forgot to apolgize to S(teve) Miller for the joke. Sorry S!

  11. K says:

    I’ve heard the cries of the carrots, my brothers & sisters.

  12. Brigitte says:

    SL has given us all some serious comic relief with her crazy babbling! LOL! The Chamomile changed it’s name to “Adama” and it’s good, (baked good are outrageously yummy!). I recommend and haven’t been the The Alchamy Arts Center but look forward to hanging with those terrorists soon!

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