In a post last year I wrote about a law change that is being considered that would allow dogs on restaurant patios (provided it is ok with the merchant).

I am told that at a recent meeting at the Environmental Health Services office, the dicussion of whether dogs would be allowed on restaurant patios was addressed. Input from restaurant owners, the public at large and health concerns are still being assessed. I am told that it is not likely that a decision will be made until at least late fall.

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2 Responses to PETS & PATIOS

  1. a p c says:

    I know people like, really really like their dogs and really like to bring them everywhere… but knowing the red tape and hurdles restaurant workers have to get through just to keep a restaurant open re: passing a health inspection, I personally even want to slap customers just for not washing their hands… much less bringing an animal into an eating establishment

  2. Krista & Tony says:

    I can understand that no-one wants to see someone bring their dog into Seagrass or Julienne but get real, any place that has an outdoor patio is fine for most dogs. I think we all need to ease up on the germaphobia! My dog won’t be touching the chairs or tables nor will he be using the door handles like hundreds of other possibly sick humans will have done that particular day. Unless you kiss him full on the mouth you’ll never get any of his doggie germs.

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