Reader Jill let me know that there is a new Gourmet Curry Truck wandering the South Coast named Culture Shock. They describe themselves as a “Gourmet Curry Truck serving exotic and spicy Sri Lankan cuisine.” For more information call 682-5636, view their menu online at or receive Twitter updates from cultureshocksb.

Here is a message from owners Nirosha  & Ian:

 Our Cuisine comes from Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), a soverign Island Nation in South Asia. Sri Lanka is known for its Rich Culinary Heritage, Indigenous Spices, World Class Teas, Precious Gemstones… and of course, who can forget the Warm Blue Ocean!  Just these words give me nostalgia and bring back great childhood memories… Roman sailors named it “Taprobane”, Arab traders called it “Serendipity”, and I call it…”home”.

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing some of these experiences with my husband, and introducing him to this exotic island with its ancient history, rich flavours and craaazy people.(have you been to a Sri Lankan party?) yes, crazy people!.  Ian, after recovering from his “Culture Shock” is a “fan”, from the cuisine to the teas to the great surf!

Sri Lanka has achieved International recognition for its exotic flavours and distinctive cooking styles, and we’ve enjoyed cooking and sharing these flavours with our friends for years.  So, we are now here to share some of Sri Lanka’s wealth of flavours and ancient recipes with you…

We invite you to come try our food out at any of our regular stops in Santa Barbara, or simply call us to Cater for any Special Events. We will come to your door step and serve hot, yummy food right from our Gourmet Truck.

Our exotic & spicy curry flavours will tantalize your taste buds’ dreams…and “Curry you to Heaven”!!!

We look forwad to meeting you soon!
Best wishes,

Nirosha  & Ian

  • Wednesdays: 11:30am- 2pm(71 S. Los Carneros Rd @ Raytheon Dr , Goleta)
  • Thursdays starting 4/7/11 (495 S. Fairview Ave @ Hollister, Goleta)
  • Fridays 11:30am- 2pm 5383 Hollister Ave @ Mentor Drive, Goleta
  • Saturday mornings 11:30-1pm, Cottage Hospital area on Juniper@Bath
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2 Responses to CULTURE SHOCK

  1. LM says:

    When will some of these trucks come to Carpinteria???

  2. Nirosha says:

    Hi LM, We can came out to Carp soon. Just let us know a good location and we will try to come there. Please email us at Thank you! Nirosha

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