A new cafe named Peebee & Jay’s opened last Wednesday at 1007 Casitas Pass Rd in Carpinteria, the former home of Caje. I first mentioned their pending arrival in this blog on October 27th of last year. Peebee & Jay’s was founded by Jessica Pintard, owner of Corktree Cellars Wine Bar & Bistro on Linden Ave in Carpinteria. I asked Jessica why she started her new gourmet soup, salad and sandwich shop and she tells me “I’m tired of going to Santa Barbara for a good sandwich!”

Peebee & Jay’s offers 20 different sandwiches that come with soup from a recipe they make themselves. You can build your own sandwich as well. They offer 9 different salads, 2 soups every day (one is always vegetarian) and they get fresh bread daily from local bakeries. Everything on the menu is under $10.

I asked Jessica if there is a particular sandwich she would recommend and she suggested the “Chicken Dressed Up Like A Salad.” It comes with spiced chicken, avocado, bacon, gorgonzola spread, sliced hard-boiled egg, french-fried onion, ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and balsamic rosemary bread.

Peebee & Jay’s is open 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm. For more information call (805) 220-6912.

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  1. DD says:

    WOW! What a blow to Carpinteria and the many ‘other’ sandwich places. There are actually a ton of amazing places one can get a sandwich in Carp and they have been around for some time! Just to name a few-Danny’s Deli, always a score, with great Tri-Tip and Tuna. Zookers has a wonderful array of yummy stuff, The Garden Market, Von’s, Reyes Market, Beach Liquor, just pointing out a few….. Way to support your local community and other local businesses PB and J’s.

  2. SL says:

    Reporting back… The sandwich was great. I had the “Chicken Dressed Like a Salad” on focaccia. It was really good. The ingredients were very good and fresh. The style is a bit of a rip-off of South Coast Deli but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of tasty looking options on the menu. They seemed a bit stressed by the large crowd, but food was coming out as quick as could be expected especially with a new place. The counter staff was friendly and had it together. It seems though if you order a hot sandwich u may be in for a longer wait. The setup inside is a little cramped as the area where you can grab water and silverware is the exit for kitchen and counter area making it a little awkward and crowded to wait for a to-go order. Welcomed addition to Carp. If they can keep the wait times down I have no doubt this will become my go to spot in Carp to grab a sandwich.

  3. John Dickson says:

    Reader Jonathon just scanned their menu and sent it to me. You can now view it on their page in the restaurant guide or go directly to:

  4. SL says:

    I just finished off the “Turkey on the Range” sandwich, another winner. Food came out fast, avocado perfectly ripe, meat not over processed; a little steep on the price, but I’m satisfied. It will be fun to eat my way through the menu, lots of interesting options and there’s more than 1 veggie sandwich, always a good sign.

  5. PH says:

    Today I had the “Turkey on the Range” sandwich on faccocia bread, and it was……DELICIOUS! By far the best sandwich I’ve had in quite some time. Friendly staff, clean premises, certainly more expensive than Subway (which is right next door!), but you do get what you pay for here. Thank goodness we now have a REAL sandwich joint in Carp! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Trying to make a dinner reservation for 20 people for Thursday August 18th at 6:00 p.m. Call Corktree, spoke with someone, asked if Jessica was available was informed “owner does not handle this” I’ll need to contact Kori. Which I did via email, haven’t heard back from anyone. Just called and spoke to person on duty (very nice and said they would leave message for Jessica now).

    Thank you!
    Angel Sugleris, PlanMember Financial Corporation 805-684-1199 x2200

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