Reader Gordon let me know that the web site for Rudy’s restaurants ( ) is no longer active. I did a little research and – I could be wrong – it appears that Rudy’s lost their domain name early last year. I have removed all links to their web site and menu from all 5 locations in the restaurant guide. I hope they didn’t lose it. That would suck. They have a great domain name.

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  1. Management says:

    Thank you for your interest. Yes, our domain name was immediately bought by after our lease had expired from CrystalTech. It has been a nightmare trying to repurchase our domain name. After many months of numerous calls and emails, they finally responded a few weeks ago requesting proof that this had actually been our domain name in the past. Hopefully we will recover our domain name very soon and launch our new web site. Thanks again and we’ll keep you updated. Rudy’s Mangemant

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