Youtube Video Blog: 150-200 people lined up to buy an iPad 2 in downtown Santa Barbara today. The first group entered the Apple Store to cheers from staff at around 5pm. UCSB student William Bourlier was first in line, having arrived at 7am today for the 5pm opening. The line was only 30-40 people until about 3pm when the masses arrived and the line soon extended to the end of the block, past Borders. Inventory of iPad 2 quickly sold out.

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  1. Anita says:

    Went to the store around 7 pm and they already sold out of the ipad 2 🙁

  2. Huyen Nguyen says:

    That’s so crazy! This is my friend from UCSB – he saved my life in Caculus and Chemistry last quarter! GO WILL 🙂

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