I just received this press-release from Fox asking me to let you know they are casting for the new season of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”


Gordon Ramsay needs your help finding his next Kitchen Nightmare!

Has your favorite restaurant gone bad? Have you tried a new eatery only to discover it doesn’t cut the mustard? If so, we need your nomination!  FOX’s hit show, Kitchen Nightmares is currently searching for new restaurants to be featured in the upcoming season. If you know of a restaurant that desperately needs expert guidance, we want to know about it! Send us the restaurant’s name, location and a brief description why you think Gordon Ramsay should take over.

e-mail us at:
or call the hotline with restaurant info at 1-866-226-2226.

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  1. Spank says:

    It’s really sad that FOX owns the US rights to this show… The BBC version is soooooooo much better. Oh well…

    Can’t wait to see Marmalade Cafe end up on the show…

  2. Richard says:

    The Worker Bee Cafe has the potential for a
    hilarious episode…Gordon squaring off against
    the owner/server from hell.

  3. Jerry Russoniello says:

    I agree with SL. get Gordon on this one before they go out of biz.

  4. Thomas says:

    WORKER BEE!! That would be awesome!

  5. Bob L says:

    Another vote for a fix on Cafe Luck! Is Gene out of the country, or just not paying attention?

    • a p c says:

      Everybody is assuming this young, impetuous, inexperienced new chef just swooped in and put retarded things like meatloaf on the menu. Did anybody stop and consider Cafe Luck is owned by the same folks who own Joe’s and Lucky’s, and that maybe it was orders from upper management to change the (admittedly awesome but atypical) French bistro fare to American-style comfort food?

      • Julibelle says:

        so true! Everybody seems to forget that most chefs have a boss, don’t they? That the food cost and the ‘vision’ rest with ‘he/she who signs the check’
        Brash young chefs should remember that as well before they jump in.

  6. Robert says:

    Tony’s in carp is in dire help from Gordon.

  7. Glenn says:

    I did some perusing through the reviews and came up with these names based on other’s reviews maybe some else can chime in whether they are good candidates or not:
    Cafe Luna
    Cafe Shell
    Jill’s Place
    State & A
    Union Ale
    Wine Cask

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