A television commercial for the Baja Fresh restaurant chain will be filmed locally on Friday, March 18. Baja Fresh at 7127 Hollister Ave in Goleta will be the restaurant featured in an advertisement for the new Baja Bowls menu item thas was launched in January. The eatery has four bowls to choose from: the Baja Steak and Shrimp bowl, Fire-Grilled Skinny Chicken bowl, Fully-Loaded Chicken bowl and the Baja Shrimp Beach bowl. The commercial, created by local advertising agency Evans Hardy & Young, will first be aired in the Portland and Las Vegas markets.

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3 Responses to TV COMMERCIAL

  1. Jesse says:

    So, I looked at Baja Fresh’s website for info on Baja Bowls (although the premise seems pretty straightforward) and all they have is a picture. In this day and age its pretty inexcusable to not have nutiritional informational available on their website.

    And Baja Fresh does make food surprisingly unhealthful, so its even more worrisome. (Cabo Salad Burrito has 980 calroies and 52 grams of fat!!)

  2. Glenn says:

    Probably any Sour Cream or Dressing will take it over the top. I have always enjoyed Baja Fresh, though its no Super Cucas, Los Agaves or Super Rica its a good place to take the family(kids eat free days) and you’ve got the unlimited salsa and drinks going for you. I’d group it with the El Pollo Locos and La Salsas which generally get you in and out of there quickly with fairly good food and nice family options. Though I do eat Taco Bell on occasion that’s probably the agreed garbage.
    Most reviews on this site are positive for the two locations, you should thrown some negative ones in there as to why you think this place(or others) is garbage, I’d be interested to hear them.

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