Word on the web today is that Microsoft is planning to launch a new global music and video service called “Ventura” that will compete with iTunes and Pandora. It seems really odd that Microsoft would build an entirely new Ventura brand without first contacting me about My best guess is that Ventura is just the codename and that the actual name used will be something different. Here is an article about Microsoft’s new service.

I have received dozens of emails related to today. Here are a few of them:

  • “I have a client who may be interested in acquiring”
  • “Any interest in selling the domain name”
  • “I’m sure you get emailed about this name all the time, but I’m curious to know if you have any interest in selling. If so, please let me know, and we can begin a discussion.”
  • “Is your domain available for purchase? Please do send to us your offer price, if this domain is ready for purchase. I’ll get back to as soon as I receive your response.”
  • “No problem. MS is probably going to use ventura.NET”
  • “You Lucky Dog!  Oh boy! You are soon going to be a millionaire. MS has more money than brains. You could potentially sell them the domain name for “millions”. Congrats on your new found wealth.”
  • “Xbox wasn’t originally going to be the brand for their consoles; it was also just a codename at one point.”
  • “I guess Microsoft figures you will probably give up the monetary fight for that or a similar domaine name….It’s not like you it’s your ‘baby’…”
  • “Put up your own music service. Then when MS indeed call it Ventura, bam, slam a trademark infringment suit on them. Should make you a boat load of money when MS buy the name from you.”
  • “Hi, John, I apologize for the unsolicited email. I’m very interested in your website and add it to our portfolio, would you be willing to consider selling it? If so, please let me know the cost or range so I will discuss with my partner. I have genuine interests in it. I would greatly appreciate a response in a timely manner or please kindly help me forward this email to the right department.”
  • “Pretty sure Apple didn’t have the domain or copyright of iPhone when they announced that!”
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7 Responses to OFF TOPIC

  1. Glenn says:

    Maybe a Cha Ching for you there.

  2. Mike says:

    A HUGE cha-ching!

  3. Paul says:

    The best part is you are a huge Apple fanboy.

  4. Amanda says:

    Wow, some of those messages are crazy. Good luck with whatever happens!

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