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Walking to my car this morning, I saw a boarded-up building with an application for alcoholic beverage sales.  The notice said it was to be called Mullaney’s, and it’s at 22 W Montecito St, by the train station.  Have you heard anything about that?

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18 Responses to MULLANEY’S

  1. Mike says:

    Is that the location where a few bars used to exist? Sort of on the side of the building where Fish Enterprise is?

  2. Paul says:

    I didn’t know there was a golf course around there.

  3. Matt O'Shea says:

    I heard someone is looking to open an Irish pub in victoria court. Could just be a rumor

  4. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    OOhh, this has been the best kept secret for some time … more details are to come very soon , John .. I will make sure the folks get to you soon 🙂 They are been working very hard and I am sure they are anxious for a beer or two 😉

    Mullaney’s will soon be the New SB ” Ol’ Favorite Spot ” !!

  5. Joe says:

    Rumors from beer merchants is that it is going to be a bar catering to the gay population. Can’t confirm but there will be a new gay bar opening around the corner on Helena St. next to the Rino. Whatever crowd they cater to its for sure the building is in some need of major construction. Nice to see people moving back into the area.

  6. JM says:

    Man, Love all the wild speculation. It’s attached to the new Ducati shop. I’m sure this will also raise eyebrows in SB. I believe it’s going to be a sort of hub for events at the shop. A place where motorcycle enthusiast can hang out and discuss bikes, roads taking, mechanics, etc.etc. Like they do in the “Old Country”. Now before you start flogging away with negative comments. Which is going to happen away. Hanging out having coffee, beer or soda and discussing motorcycle by no way means drinking and driving on your motorcycle. Think more Couture d elegance Italian style. Let the flogging begin.

    • SL says:

      The local Ducati van was insanely road raging in traffic many months back. Asshole tried to run me off the road, called 911, many similar reports from other drivers about the Ducati knucklehead. Hope the scumbag got arrested.

  7. Fay says:

    Bernie McElhenney has been trying to get that property up and running forever!

  8. Pixie Stick says:

    The new place does not have anything to do with the Ducati shop. It is a seperate entity.

    • Know your facts says:

      The building is owned by the ducati shop. It will be under a separate LLC. A cool hang out. Not a gay bar. Can’t wait for it to open and see the events that the ducati shop can tie into it. Opening night at the ducati shop indicated the type of fun people that would be there.

  9. Chris P. says:

    This place will be a very cool, hip, local’s hangout spot! It is owned by a wild, fun, super-talented Santa Barbara Artist named: Sheryl Schroeder. She is hell-of fun!

    • Sheryl Schroeder says:

      Wow, Thanks, Chris for the kind words! I am very excited about opening this bar as it has been a long time big dream of mine. We are planning on having friendly service, a terrific selection of ecclectic beers from around the world and a wonderful list of mostly local wine. The building has a lot of history and personality. I cannot wait to open those doors! We plan to serve the SB community in the best most creative ways possible…

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