This just in from Hollister Brewing Co. at 6980 Marketplace Dr in Goleta:

We want to give you a sneak-peek at our upcoming menu changes.  We are VERY excited with our newly expanded menu and hope you will be too.  HBC is introducing all kinds of great new items from tasty bar snacks to savory entrees to to-die-for desserts.  In the process we may be retiring some of your favorites, but we promise this menu will provide plenty of new ones…plus,  with this advance notice you have this weekend to get your favorites one last time! Starts Monday, February 28th, 2011!

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  1. Hungry says:

    Those bar snacks and new entrees look like they’re worth checking out. HBC is always good and much more interesting than any other casual, similarly priced eateries I can think of, except for Los Arroyos. Why aren’t there more like HBC? Maybe they should expand?

  2. Ted says:

    HBC’s food has gotten a lot better compared to when they first opened. The current chef does a great job. I hope they continue to have great success!

  3. StDarkstar says:

    HBC has the best beer in Santa Barbara hands down but the food is way over rated in my opinion. Maybe this is why they are changing the menu.

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