I just received this message from reader Carrie about a new vegan web site govegansb.com:

Hi John,

I just wanted to let you know of a new group and website that has formed called Go Vegan Santa Barbara (www.govegansb.org).

As you might be aware, veganism is on the rise as consumers grow more educated about the health and environmental impacts of a diet heavy in animal products, as well as an awareness of the poor animal welfare standards on factory farms. Recently two vegan books appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list simultaneously (including one by SB’s own Kathy Freston), both Oprah and Good Morning America featured segments on veganism, and many noted celebrities have “gone vegan” including Bill Clinton, Jessica Simpson, and Mike Tyson. Some are saying that veganism is going to be the hottest food trend of 2011. Well, I hope it is not a passing fancy, but I am glad that people are becoming more aware of what they put on their forks!

The purpose of Go Vegan Santa Barbara is to fill a gap…there are vegan groups in both SLO and Ventura, but nary a one in SB as far as I’m aware–until now. GVSB aims to bring people together for fun/food events, as well as to inform the public about vegan choices in SB and veganism in general. I thought I would bring it to your attention as I’ve been creating a list of restaurants which cater to vegans as part of their regular menu; that list appears at www.govegansb.org.


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