Did you dine at a local restaurant on Valentines Day? If so, where did you go? How was your experience?

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  1. lemonjelly says:

    I’m a firm believer in skipping hyped up Hallmark holidays, but since there’s a basis of truth in St. Valentine, I went out. But as a lunch. No rush, no stress, no mediocre prix fixe, no awkward couples on obligatory dates with high expectations of a meal sitting nearby. I went to the Arts and Letters Cafe, sat in patio near the fountain, had a wonderful lunch and shared dessert of warm chocolate chipotle-spiced cake, vanilla ice cream and harissa icing.
    Dinner was getting together with other couples at home and deep frying a turkey!

  2. Justin says:

    Another pleasant evening at Ruth’s Chris. Definitely busy, but the service did not seem to suffer. Still the best filet in town.

  3. Katie says:

    Had a wonderful Valentines dinner at Ruth’s Chris

  4. Whirl says:

    Stayed home and had delivery from the new Nicky D’s wood-fired pizza. We each got a personal pizza so we could both have just what we wanted, they were scrumptious.

  5. Jason says:

    My wife and I went to the Palace on Sunday night (to avoid the holiday crowds). It was busy, but the service was good. The “team” service concept works well. As usual, the food was amazing, the drinks were fantastic, and the environment was very friendly. We will definitely go back (again).

  6. a p c says:

    I worked at both of my restaurants in an epic long hectic double shift, but I gave flowers to my chef, because since we were ‘having’ dinner ‘together’, we were valentines.

  7. Nathaniel says:

    Bouchon. My god their food is amazing.

  8. Barbara Davis says:

    We had the BEST Valentine dinner at Seagrass! Both service and food (every morsel) was outstanding!!

  9. Christine says:

    Happy Hour at the Santa Barbara Fishhouse – good service and good food.

  10. Henry says:

    Went to Elements for dinner and the food and service was great!

  11. Katmandu says:

    Had a fab din-din at Taco Bell. Service was AMAZING, drive-through was quick and SO romantic! What wasn’t romantic was the gas we both had after!

  12. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    Skipped the nite of and went Sunday Nite with 7-10 close buddies at Roy for Uzual Suspectz UnValentine’s . Service good. Was nice to have ‘Tender , Bill , serve us his special Cucumber/Lemon Martini’s which we may not have been obliged on a busier VDay evening .. Good food , good art .. good time 🙂

  13. Fay says:

    Saturday dinner at The Hitching Post in Buelton; fantastic service and I can’t say enough about the flavor and quality of their beef.

  14. Susan Murray says:

    We had a fixed price menu at Jane, it was yummy and lots of choices to pick from. The service was great.

  15. Nancy says:

    Had a lovely dinner at Joe’s…no crowds, no Hallmark hype…just good food and strong drinks. I vote for Joe’s!!!

  16. AB says:

    Lovely and memorable dinner + wine at Downey’s. From the local crab and papaya salad to the homemade vanilla ice cream, everything was perfect.

  17. AIC says:

    Square One on Valentine’s Day was understated and perfect, as I was dining with 2 other single girlfriends. We were treated impeccably and the leftovers lasted days:)

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