Last August I wrote about a new Mexican restaurant coming to 330 State Street, brought to you by the family that owns Fishouse, Boathouse and SB Shellfish Co. Sources tell me that there is a chance the new eatery might open in April or May. I am also hearing that the name of the restaurant is still undecided but that the leading candidate is “The Rio.”

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4 Responses to THE RIO

  1. Jerry Russoniello says:

    I love mexican food but does SB need ANOTHER Mexican Rest.?? Just seems like overkill. Unless they have a different take on it ala Rick Bayless Rest. in Chicago and his new one in LA. High end, gourmet and HIP.

  2. David says:

    Jerry, SB always needs another Mexican restaurant because it’s the only one that the residents can’t get enough of and feel knowledgeable about. The more low-brow the better for this American Riviera. Why have so many legitimate high-end restaurants closed while taquerias and other Mexican joints endure?

    • Jerry Russoniello says:

      David, I think there is a place for a higher end Ca. Mex. place. I just think we are at saturation for a standard place. Just cannibalizing the other Mex. places.

      Mexico has a very diverse cuisine just wish we had some of it here instead of the basic low end stuff that proliferates the rest. scene.

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