A very rare thing has occurred in the South Coast dining scene: the total number of 24-hour eateries has increased from eight to nine. Reader Glenn tells me that a new Spudnuts Donuts has opened at 5718 Hollister Ave in Goleta (next to Wendy’s). Hours are 24/7. I added the new Goleta Spudnuts to the restaurant guide today. For more information call 845-1888.

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  1. David says:

    Well this is certainly confusing. Last week, someone on EdHat asked where the best donut places were and about 20% of the respondents said Spudnuts Goleta. I live in Goleta and am always around Old Town where this Spudnuts was supposedly located but none of my friends, Google, or anyone else had ever seen it. There were some mentions here or there but I could not place where it might be. So now it’s official. I am curious why people on Ed Hat would say their favorite donut location was somewhere that hadn’t even opened yet.

  2. Andy says:

    I saw a Spudnuts sign there on the building some time back, at least December. whether it was open or not I don’t know but I’ve known where it is for some time.

  3. lemonjelly says:

    The Spudnuts in Old Town has been open for a while, since about October-ish of last year.

  4. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    And they are fresh and wonderful .. and devilshly too available 🙂 24 hours .. they have fresh fruit and sandwiches and fresh squeezed OJ ..
    Very ,very nice people ..

  5. Glenn says:

    Yeah the place does not jump out at you. I was at the Habit this week and happened to look over and was surprised and was able to tell John about it. I think they need a more dramatic sign or something. Used to be a drapery place I think? I look forward to trying it out, best I’ve had in town so far is the Ellers and Winchells on Milpas. Upper State SpudNuts sure has the nice ladies though! Carrillo Spudnuts not so much.

  6. Andy says:

    so I went there the other day, have to say that while their sign did catch my eye some time back, it took a couple attempts to figure out where the heck their parking lot was =\ other than that the girl working there said they have been open for about four months. donuts taste just like the ones from Carrillo store, which is good, not the best I’ve had (why doesn’t Dunkin have a CA franchise at all????? that and the Oxnard Krispy Kreme folding some years back have made me sad) but certainly some of the best in SB/Goleta.

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