I called Live Culture at 11 W. De la Guerra St (Paseo Nuevo mall) last Wednesday and they told me that they were going out of business that night. Over the next few days I received reports from many readers that Live Culture was open for business as usual with lots of people and live music. My email to management inquiring about Live Culture’s status was not returned. With the goal of giving you the latest news on the subject, I tried calling Live Culture several times last night during business hours and no one answered the phone. They might be open or they might be closed. Your call!

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  1. David says:

    Maybe they are too busy talking to their friends to answer to phone. Oh what?!

  2. Elena says:

    I’m not surprised at their lack of response. I’m still surprised that they made it this far.

  3. a p c says:

    Wednesday was supposed to be the last day, but they hung on til Sunday. They MAY or may not be reopening this Wednesday or Thursday.

  4. Meridith Moore says:

    I just walked to the Farmers Market adn they are closed

    • James says:

      SL, what the F is your problem?! …
      Live Culture may not be your favorite place but at least they went fot it. They kept a business going through one of the toughest economies, in one of the toughest towns for 2 years! What have you done, besides be an a-hole?
      It blows my mind when people write rude comments.. Didn’t your parents teach you better? You all should be ashamed.

      • SL says:

        I enjoyed the live music venue they provided, unfortunately the owners were a joke, they were in over their heads. The place tried to be a lot of things and wasn’t excellent at any of them except for providing a venue to host local artists.

        • The Dude says:

          While others are quick to read more into your comments than you intend, I fully agree w/you.
          “The place tried to be a lot of things and wasn’t excellent at any of them except for providing a venue to host local artists” is such a TRUE statement.
          I was an early adopter of Live Culture when they opened their doors. Their wine list was very extensive and well put-together. They offered a place for local artists to display their art, and provided a stage for local musicians to play on…
          Then something happened. Wines started to drop off the list, service became unresponsive, food quality and portions went south – while the pricing went north. Most importantly, management seemed aloof to the clientele’s needs/wants.
          It’s sad to hear of a locally-owned business closing their doors…but sometimes it’s the only way constructive criticism works.

          • James says:

            They may have tried to be a lot of things, but at least they tried. And there is nothing constructive about saying “buhh bye”. It’s just rude. Constructive is pointing out what can be improved upon, not kicking someone while they are down. Why even take the time to make comments like that in the first place? Are you seriously that bummed out on whatever they did or didn’t do?
            Instead how about: “Live Culture was a cool venue for seeing local live music”. Keep the negativity to yourselves.

          • SL says:

            From my observations and those of others it seems they suffered the fate of many other restaurants started up by amateurs. They begin with a promising concept, but the lack of experience and skills in the rough and tumble world of owning a restaurant; this begins to wear on the cash strapped proprietors. The amount of dedication, hard work, and strong financial backing to create and run a restaurant is most definitely not for everyone.

            The owners of Live Culture always seemed more interested in chatting with their friends instead of helping their staff and ensuring that all their customers are enjoying their experience. Even if you have a lot of friends you still need the support and $$$ of the anonymous public.

            While it sad to see a local, grass roots business fail it was of their own doing and is a good lesson for others who dream of opening up their own artsy fartsy venture in this town. I think SB would welcome and support a place like LC if it is executed well.

          • James says:

            That was poignant and well worded. It let’s the owners know how you feel without being hurtful.

  5. Lulu says:

    Santa Barbara is such a beautiful little town with so many spiteful residents it is scary.
    It seems every time a business fails ( which is very often – due to locals not supporting them ) the hateful, I told you so …. comments stream in.

    The fact that half of State street is vacant and for lease for ridiculous sums of money should have you realize that one day NO ONE will want to open a business here. It is impossible to achieve success in a competitive economy in a town with no commerce – the gorgeous mountains and fresh air are not enough to bring tourists streaming to town with no where to go and nothing to do.

    Remember that next time you raise the flag of …. down goes another business …..with a smug little smirk on your faces !!

    • SL says:

      The majority of local business that fail do so not because of lack of local support but due to lack of financial backing and poor management/owners. Live Culture for example is now stiffing some of their vendors, many of whom are local as well. Hard to have any sympathy over things like that. The odds are stacked against any new restaurant owner regardless if they are in SB or not.

      • Lulu Cacharel says:

        Honestly, SL – Artsy Fartsy Venture ?
        You sound like a REAL gem ….. I can actually feel your “smug” attitude rubbing up on me – I need a shower ….

  6. Marlis says:

    They are closed and they are bailing on paying some of their Vendors. Not Good!

  7. Sid says:

    I thought Live Culture was a great concept and it was great that they supported the local music scene. I was a frequent customer. WAS being the keyword. The service – or extreme lack of – is what made me stop going there. Having to wait while the one waitress on hand rushed around was ridiculous. The last time I went with a few friends, sitting there waiting for 20 to 30 minutes while the lazy/slacker door guy talk on his phone next to our table while the waitress busted her butt was just rude. I feel sorry for the hard-workers who tried their best.