Tonight is the last night of business for Live Culture at 11 W. De la Guerra St (Paseo Nuevo mall) in downtown Santa Barbara. The wine, food, froyo & entertainment destination first opened in March, 2009.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Not surprised. They never did get it together. Had some good entertainment, but service and food didn’t equate.

  2. Black says:

    I love this place.. I remember seeing mike chen and the bumblebees play an awesome show.. They must have made a killing that night . They should have a benefit show

  3. Black says:

    Margaret shut the hell up

  4. SL says:

    Loved the live music, but the owners just didn’t have it together. It was as if they were just “playing restaurant.”

  5. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    They had a good run .. brought art and music and fully supported SB local art community !
    Wine selection was great ! This place was one of my favorite spots after 1st Thursday Art Walk .. and they would reach into the basement for my favorite wine . They will be missed . Paseo needs to get with the LIVE CULTURE … Cheers to their past and looking forward to what this dynamic group will come up with next ..

  6. KSB says:

    It was open tonight with live music and tomorrow too….

  7. a p c says:

    Some demi-miracle happened and I belieeeeve they’ll be open for at least another few weeks, and maybe somehow partnering with Red’s Tapas/Bar in the future. Yay!

  8. Perry M says:

    I walked through Paseo Nuevo last night on my way to the theatre, was pleasantly surprised to see them open with a decent-sized crowd and a band going off! Glad they’ll be around a bit longer!

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