The Spanish restaurant coming soon to 509 State St. (formerly Bricks Cafe) will be named “Cadiz.” Previously in this column I referred to the eatery as “Cabana” then “Casablanca.” Cadiz is scheduled to open in February.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I was lucky enough to be one of the few invited to a private event before Cadiz opens its doors in mid-late March. I have dinned at many of Santa Barbara’s finest restaurants and have to say none of them hold a candle to Cadiz. The restaurant is exceptionally beautiful, the staff friendly and incredibly helpful, drinks and wine were amazing, and the food 5 star quality. Now I just can’t wait for them to open to the public! Kudos to the Cadiz team for giving Santa Barbara an original well thought out restaurant that it truely needs.

  2. Lulu says:

    I ate at Cadiz last night and it was fantastic!
    The food was incredible.
    The service was great, and the restaurant is absolutely beautiful.
    I am so excited to go back!!!

  3. sb girl says:

    We went to Cadiz today for happy hour and tapas!!!
    It was amazing and SB needs a restaurant like this!!!
    Reminded me of Spain!!!!!

  4. kathy doherty says:

    The remodel is beautiful. The food and service is very good, and everyone is very friendly. Their Seagrass chef is amazing, but he does small dishes for high prices. We went to Seagrass when it first opened, and they did not put bread on the table, and our dishes for $25 each were very small in portion sizes for that price. Because of this we never went back. The food was good last night but after paying $150 for tapas I will wait to see if there is size improvement. I do not need a large meal, but two little strips of salmon for $12 the width of my two fingers, maybe, was not good in my book. I looked around and saw the gnocchi with wilted spinach, three very small portions on a rectangular plate for $8, sorry folks pasta is inexpensive, and that was very high priced for a very small selection. We have been to Spain and the tapas are not this small. I want to come back, and I want to recommend this place, but not at these prices for the tiny amount you are given.

  5. John Thyne says:

    Cadiz has proved to be a fantastic addition to the Santa Barbara restaurant landscape. California cuisine with a Spanish influence, outstanding service, an incredible atmosphere and really fantastic food!! If you have not yet brought your clients, friends and family to this new restaurant you should definitely check it out! The chicken is delicious, the sea bass wonderful and the Kobe beef is difficult to beat! Really great attention to detail on the plate and sides. This is a welcome new venue!!!

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