I received this message from Kyle Hopkins, an owner of the new Killer B’s BBQ and Bar on State Street:

Hi John,

Let me give you a little background for your readers on what is happening over at 718 State St.

Killer B’s BBQ and Bar is a new entity.  To clarify, California Crisp and Kozmos was a franchise from the parent company of California Crisp Cafe.  After a year contract, we decided to end it and re-evaluate the Santa Barbara restaurant scene.  Santa Barbara is missing real, smoked BBQ food.  A lot of people claim to have smoked ribs and BBQ food, but I have yet to find “in house” smoked food.  We have a 350lb wood smoker in our kitchen that we use to smoke all of our meats, which include tri-tip, brisket, baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, beef ribs, whole chickens, and pork shoulder (pulled pork). 

We brought in an executive chef by the name of Robert Van Houten who is a Certified BBQ master chef.  He has won numerous awards for his cooking style and recipes.  Everything we have on our menu is 100% unique to Killer B’s.  We make 4 different style BBQ sauces from scratch as well as our dry rubs for our meats.  We make everything “in house” including our smoked beans, mac and cheese, and smoked corn on the cob.  Not only are we bringing real, authentic BBQ back to Santa Barbara, but we also have added a full bar with 8 High Definition Plasma TVs with every sports game. 

During our soft opening period, popular menu items have been the Tri-tip, Brisket, Smoked Chicken Wings, and the Ribs (both styles).  We offer Dine In as well as To-Go orders.  Delivery and catering coming soon. 

Winter Store Hours are as follows: Sun- Wed 11:30am – 9pm, Thu-Sat 11:30am – Midnight. Please note that our closing hours are subject to change based on the demand of the customers.  If demand continues to grow we will continue to stay open later.  This includes the kitchen as well as the bar.

Thank You,
Kyle Hopkins

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15 Responses to KILLER B UPDATE

  1. SL says:

    Look forward to giving it a try, although my backyard pit is hard to top.

  2. lemonjelly says:

    This is me licking my chops and drooling :-9~

  3. EB says:

    do they have a website where I can see their menu?

    I also heard that they have half price appetizers during happy hour.

  4. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    Yeahee.. very excited to hear and whoa could we smell the yummy happening ..
    So can’t wait to see what’s up next 🙂

  5. David Vo says:

    I am excited but a little hesitant. The BBQ scene in SB either downright sucks (Cities, Woody’s, etc) or just doesn’t exist. I am from CA born and raised but even I know the BBQ sucks. Why is it so hard for a good BBQ restaurant to come here and thrive? Maybe the bar is set really low? Anyway, I can’t wait to try this place.

  6. Glenn says:

    Carpenteria’s BBQ Co has the best stuff I’ve had in town. Woody’s is just not there. Interesting though that recently Cat Cora on the food netwook said the Cold Spring Tavern’s BBQ Sandwich was one of the “Best Things She has Eaten”

    • SL says:

      Carp BBQ doesn’t smoke the meat so it can’t even count as BBQ.

      As far as Cold Springs that is a Saturday\Sunday only thing, they serve Tri-Tip sandwiches outside and also have live music (Sunday’s only?). The tri-tip is Santa Maria BBQ style and the sandwiches are really good. The meat has just the right amount of oak smoke flavor and is piled high. They have salsa, BBQ sauce, a mustard/horseradish concoction, and au jus that you can apply yourself. It’s worth checking out for sure.

  7. Paul says:

    SB has needed a slow cooked BBQ place for a long time. I am going to give this a try this weekend, I hope it is as good as it sounds!

  8. Scott says:

    For those of you down south a ways, there is a fantastic little place in Camarillo: St. Francis BBQ. Everything smoked on site, awesome sauces, yumm. The Thousand Oaks Meat Locker is great as well.

  9. Doug says:

    ‘Heard good things about the food, personally I thought your California Crisp may have eventually gotten the attention it deserved if it hadn’t had the misfortunate timing of Rock n’ Tacos move-in next door.

  10. KARL says:

    Had dinner there last night (about 6 weeks since they opened). the food in general is above average BBQ. the rubs on the ribs is a bit excessive, but doesn’t ruin a good baby back, the St. Louis cut is flavorful not needing sauce. i also tried the brisket, better than what i can do at home. The sauces are a mixed bunch. The House i really liked, the sweet was pretty good for someone who is not a fan of that style. the Habanero was just hot i really didn’t taste much other than that(and i love spicy BBQ sauces). The mac and cheese is a good side, also sweet potato fries.

    i went back today to try the pulled pork sandwich. i actually had a !/2 pork and 1/2 brisket. still like their brisket. The pork i will try again since it didn’t impress me much, but am willing to give it a chance.

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