Here are the winners of the Restaurant Guide online poll that started last Thanksgiving and ended on New Years Eve. The results will be displayed online throughout 2011 and beyond.

Survey participants considered 115 different food & drink categories. New categories this year include: “Power Lunch,” “Most Kid-Friendly Restaurant,” “Best Summerland Restaurant,” “Best Santa Ynez Valley Restaurant,” “Best Place for Soup,” “Best Fresh Fish Market,” and “Best Supermarket.”

Winners of three or more awards (including first place or finalist) are: Fresco Café (6), bouchon (5), Harry’s Plaza Café (5), Brophy Bros. (4), Ca’ Dario (4), Natural Cafe (4), Opal (4), Arch Rock Fish (3), Cajun Kitchen (3), Cava (3), Hollister Brewing Co. (3), Joe’s Cafe (3), Lazy Acres (3), Los Agaves (3) and Tonic (3).

New restaurants that received awards include: Arch Rock Fish, The Blue Owl at Zen Yai, Kogilicious, Olio Pizzeria, and Savoy Café & Deli.

If your business won an award and you would like an award poster emailed to you (for web and 11×14 print), please contact me.

The Best of 2011

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4 Responses to THE BEST OF 2011

  1. foodie says:

    Thanks to John for working so hard on this but…..
    Same old same old.
    Santa Barbara restaurants.

  2. Glenn says:

    Looks great to me! More informative than last year.

  3. lemonjelly says:

    Happy to see some of my favorites in there. Big ups to Julienne and the French Press! Great work you do.

  4. Richard says:

    A big project for anyone, John. Well done. Julienne is
    certainly deserving. The Wine Cask is deserving of more. My best
    question: How is Root 246 recognized for its business lunch when it
    doesn’t open weekdays until 5:30 PM??

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