This just in from EOS Lounge, 500 Anacapa St:

Friends of Eos Lounge, an Announcement:

Indeed our license was suspended for 10 days due to an oversight that amounted to a minor on premise in April and we will be open for New Years Eve. What you may or may not know is that we had the option to pay a substantial fine to remain open or choose to surrender our license for 10 days. We made an executive decision to close over Christmas and give A very hard working staff a holiday break they have certainly earned.

Make no mistake. Eos Lounge is solid and growing stronger. Having added Transportation, Wine Tours, Event Planning, online ticket sales, private photography and our exclusive local concierge service we plan to create more great memories for the locals and our visitors to SB for many years to come.

Thank you all for your concern and continued patronage. The sky’s the limit, and we got a few surprises coming your way. New Years is already booking quickly and promises to be amazing!!!

You can get more info about any of our upcoming events or services at www.eossantabarbara.com and www.eoslounge.com or by calling 805-564-2410.

Thank you all, our 4th year anniversary this spring will be ALL TIME! You have our word.


EOS Lounge
Adam Ray
General Manager EOS Lounge
805.564.2410 Office

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