State Street Ballet is a vibrant, innovative professional ballet company based in Santa Barbara, California. Founded in 1994 by former American Ballet Theatre dancer Rodney Gustafson, the company combines the discipline and timeless elegance of classical ballet technique with updated, cutting-edge choreography, producing original works that satisfy today's diverse audiences. State Street Ballet is applauded for the intelligently designed, versatile performances that have become the company's trademark, becoming a leader for dance in Santa Barbara. Housed in the beautifully renovated Gail Towbes Center for Dance, and a resident company at the majestic Granada Theatre, this small start-up has evolved into a globally recognized, widely praised, and highly sought-after performing arts organization.

By melding familiar storylines with exciting dance movement and multi-media visuals, State Street Ballet gives each tale a modern, passionate and unique twist. This inspiring mix of movement, music, lighting, and acting is successfully reaching new audiences, introducing dance as mainstream entertainment while honoring classical styles and traditions. As a fully professional ballet company with well-known credentials, State Street Ballet attracts dancers from around the world and collaborates with top-notch choreographers and arts organizations to produce new works that showcase the company's signature elegant-but-edgy tone.

Photos by David Bazemore