For more than thirty years, a tradition has been quietly building in Santa Barbara. To understand Music & Arts Conservatory (MAC) Santa Barbara, you have to embrace a different way of thinking, one which reveres enlightenment over the spotlight. MAC, the legendary program founded by local visionary Lana Bodnar in 1989, allows creative youth to enter and explore the world of fine arts. By encouraging students to explore all facets of creative arts and opening their minds to new ideas and techniques, they hope to challenge them to use their creativity to discover their own passion.

"What makes this Conservatory more special than others I have worked with is the remarkable level of maturity the students exhibit in their interpretations and in the way they rehearse and perform. The outstanding teachers impart musicality and artistry on the highest level and in such a way that the students grasp something far beyond the mere notes on the page." - Guest Conductor, Gary Sheldon

Photos courtesy of Santa Barbara Music and Arts Conservatory