EDN! Santa Barbara serves as the flagship chapter and model for EDN!'s greater national network of programs and was founded in 2005. In addition to offering weekly classes, the chapter coordinates outreach performances, cultural dance classes, and master classes with guest instructors.

EDN! Santa Barbara has reached thousands of students since 2005, and it continues to serve over 500 students with weekly programming and 1,200 students with workshops or community events every year. EDN! Santa Barbara currently offers 33 classes per week at early years, elementary, and junior high schools, homeless transition houses, youth centers, low-income housing sites, summer camps, and after school programs in Santa Barbara, Isla Vista, Goleta, Ventura, and surrounding areas.

In 2011, the chapter was voted by other local organizations as the program that is making the most significant impact in the lives of Santa Barbara's youth. In 2015, the EDN! Santa Barbara Chapter received a Local Hero award from Santa Barbara Independent. The chapter continues to gain community support and build partnerships with other local non-profits to further the education and cultural outreach.