Dancing and lessons in Santa Barbara' Carrillo Recreation Center

This Santa Barbara jewel that is Carrillo Recreation Center was built in 1914 and continues to provide all types of dancing almost 7 days a week.

The first and third Friday Swing Dances have been providing thousands of dancers an amazing evening of dancing for more than 30 years. And it's as popular as ever. Every week some of the finest bands play for dancers. Some bands expect to be watched, their bands relish in the energy of the dancers. It's a win-win sort of thing. Many people come as singles which makes the dances a perfect way of meeting new friends.

Plus you can be guaranteed to meet new folks if you attend the beginning Swing Dance lesson at 7:30p before the dance. If you've never done this dance, don't worry. In a short time, you can learn the basics and begin your possible journey with Swing dancing. Or at least have fun for the evening. This lesson is included in the price of admission.