Founded in 1997, Arts for Humanity! is a Santa Barbara-based nonprofit that provides Expressive Arts Programs for marginalized, under-served community members, at no charge, through partnerships with local nonprofits, artists, and college interns. Arts for Humanity! provides Community Arts Programs in partnership with The Squire Foundation, a nonprofit 501(C)(3), and operates under their umbrella.

Arts for Humanity! collaborates with local social service agencies and after-school programs to offer low-income elders, people with disabilities and at-risk youth free ongoing opportunities for personal growth through the arts. They're also making a difference in the lives of college interns who they mentor - inspiring a new generation to contribute to their communities through the arts in social service. These specially trained interns along with the staff of Arts for Humanity! enable and encourage each participant to be empowered and build community through dance, theatre, poetry and visual arts.

Help bring the arts to under-Served communities. Your tax-deductible donation to Arts for Humanity! will help them continue their work to bring transformative arts programming directly to low-income elders, people with disabilities, and at-risk youth every week, at no charge.

Photos by David Bazemore