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Each year, the use of hand-held GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers becomes more common place. With a GPS receiver, you can instantly know the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current location. It can tell you how fast you are moving, how high you are above sea level and where to turn to get to another known location.

Listed below are selected GPS coordinates throughout Santa Barbara County.

Location Description Latitude
nn° nn' nn"
nnn° nn' nn"
Adams Elementary School school 342557N 1194359W
Alamar Church of the Four Square Gospel church 342624N 1194324W
Alameda Plaza park 342541N 1194215W
Alhecama Center building 342527N 1194156W
Alice F Schott Continuing Education Center school 342542N 1194308W
Alice Keck Memorial Park park 342541N 1194222W
All Saints By The Sea Episcopal Church church 342516N 1193749W
Ambassador Park park 342437N 1194131W
Andree Clark Bird Refuge park 342516N 1193932W
Angostura Pass gap 342946N 1194152W
Arch Point cape 332917N 1190140W
Arlington Theatre building 342528N 1194221W
Arroyo Burro Beach County Park park 342411N 1194434W
Arroyo Burro Trail trail 342849N 1194430W
Asamblea De Dios Templo church 342531N 1194058W
Balboa Building building 342509N 1194155W
Barger Canyon valley 342707N 1194433W
Bethany Congregational Church church 342655N 1194444W
Bethel Church of God in Christ church 342508N 1194139W
Bohnett Park park 342502N 1194240W
Brooks Institute of Photography school 342555N 1193912W
Burro, Arroyo stream 342541N 1194459W
Cabrillo Park park 342500N 1194020W
Cabrillo Pavillion building 342500N 1194004W
Calvary Baptist Church church 342516N 1194312W
Calvary Cemetery cemetery 342636N 1194448W
Carriage Museum building 342535N 1194148W
Carrillo Plaza Shopping Center locale 342511N 1194212W
Cat Canyon valley 332758N 1190204W
Cathedral Peak summit 342911N 1194256W
Cave Canyon valley 332843N 1190137W
Central Church of Christ church 342549N 1194254W
Chinese Evangelical Free Church church 342622N 1194333W
Church of Christ church 342517N 1194238W
Church of Christ church 342600N 1194308W
Church of God in Christ church 342514N 1194132W
Church of Religious Science church 342536N 1194222W
Church of the Open Bible church 342459N 1194213W
City Hall Plaza park 342512N 1194152W
Cleveland Elementary School school 342543N 1194020W
Coast Village Shopping Center locale 342509N 1193847W
Cold Spring Canyon valley 342635N 1193857W
Cold Spring Saddle gap 342903N 1193815W
Cold Spring Trail trail 342842N 1193811W
Cold Springs Creek stream 342733N 1193912W
Cold Springs Elementary School school 342627N 1193933W
Cornerstone Church church 342542N 1194306W
Cottage Hospital hospital 342549N 1194319W
Cumbre Peak, La summit 342940N 1194242W
David L Reeves Medical Library building 342549N 1194319W
Dibblee Hill summit 342423N 1194150W
Dwight Murphy Park park 342507N 1194006W
Earl Warren Show Grounds park 342548N 1194407W
East Beach beach 342500N 1193947W
East Fork Cold Spring Canyon valley 342733N 1193910W
East Side Social Center Catholic Welfare Bureau building 342526N 1194114W
Eastside Branch Santa Barbara Public Library building 342537N 1194046W
Eastside Neighborhood Park park 342538N 1194034W
Edgecliff Point cape 342502N 1193812W
El Cuartel building 342522N 1194156W
El Montecito Presbyterian Church church 342612N 1193759W
El Paseo Plaza de la Guerra park 342514N 1194155W
El Presidio building 342525N 1194159W
El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park park 342620N 1194250W
Elephant Seal Cove bay 332858N 1190215W
Emanuel Lutheran Church church 342538N 1194147W
Emmanuel Lutheran Church church 342550N 1194438W
Escondido Park park 342441N 1194338W
Faith Mission church 342458N 1194138W
Fearing Library building 342524N 1194211W
First Baptist Church church 342532N 1194433W
First Baptist Church church 342524N 1194219W
First Christian Church church 342544N 1194251W
First Church of Christ Scientist church 342547N 1194227W
First Congregational Church church 342554N 1194256W
First Presbyterian Church church 342613N 1194316W
First Presbyterian Church (historical) church 342528N 1194210W
First Southern Baptist Church church 342528N 1194036W
First United Methodist Church church 342537N 1194201W
Flores Flat flat 342901N 1194046W
Forbush Campground locale 342947N 1193814W
Forbush Flat flat 342953N 1193812W
Franceschi Park park 342622N 1194138W
Franklin Elementary School school 342532N 1194053W
Franklin Park park 342535N 1194042W
Franklin School school 342535N 1194042W
Franklin School school 342534N 1194043W
Free Methodist Church church 342402N 1194250W
Friendship Missionary Baptist Church church 342539N 1194106W
Gould Park park 342718N 1193908W
Grace Church of Santa Barbara church 342450N 1194232W
Grace Lutheran Church church 342624N 1194453W
Granada Building building 342527N 1194214W
Greater Hope Baptist Church church 342532N 1194154W
Guadalupe Hall (historical) building 342525N 1194056W
Guadalupe School school 342523N 1194058W
Hale Park park 342607N 1193926W
Harding Elementary School school 342459N 1194313W
Harding Recreation Center park 342501N 1194311W
Hendrys Beach beach 342403N 1194418W
Hilda McIntyre Ray Park park 342445N 1194320W
Hillside House Cerebral Palsy School school 342512N 1194430W
Hillside Park park 342616N 1194211W
Hispanic Baptist Church church 342524N 1194154W
Hoff General Hospital (historical) hospital 342612N 1194406W
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church church 342511N 1194234W
Honda Valley valley 342413N 1194146W
Honda Valley Park park 342430N 1194252W
Hot Springs spring 342747N 1193817W
Hot Springs Canyon valley 342635N 1193857W
Hot Springs Club locale 342745N 1193816W
Hot Springs Creek stream 342635N 1193857W
Howard School school 342542N 1193747W
Iglesia de Cristo church 342459N 1194213W
International Academy of Santa Barbara Library building 342523N 1194141W
Jefferson School school 342613N 1194136W
Jesusita Trail trail 342811N 1194323W
Junipero Serra Hall building 342612N 1194247W
KDB-FM (Santa Barbara) tower 342758N 1194037W
KESP-AM (Santa Barbara) tower 342507N 1194110W
KFAC-FM (Santa Barbara) tower 342755N 1194037W
KIST-AM (Santa Barbara) tower 342507N 1194110W
KMGQ-FM (Goleta) tower 342755N 1194038W
KNZS-AM (Montecito) tower 342815N 1194033W
KSBL-FM (Carpinteria) tower 342755N 1194037W
KSPE-AM (Santa Barbara) tower 342507N 1194110W
KTUN-AM (Santa Barbara) tower 342815N 1194033W
KTYD-FM (Santa Barbara) tower 342815N 1194033W
La Arcadia Building building 342523N 1194207W
La Casa de la Raza building 342517N 1194106W
La Cuesta Continuation High School school 342545N 1194129W
La Cuesta High School school 342429N 1194159W
La Cumbre Middle School school 342527N 1194337W
La Cumbre Plaza Shopping Center locale 342616N 1194450W
La Mesa Park park 342353N 1194318W
La Playa Field park 342416N 1194143W
Lands of Mission Santa Barbara civil 342642N 1194226W
Las Positas Park park 342450N 1194407W
Las Positas Tennis Courts park 342452N 1194419W
Laurel Canyon Park park 342704N 1194331W
Lauro Canyon valley 342656N 1194353W
Lauro Canyon Reservoir reservoir 342714N 1194333W
Lauro Dam dam 342714N 1194333W
Lavigia Hill summit 342417N 1194251W
Lawrence M Parma School for Handicapped Children school 342530N 1194053W
Leadbetter Beach beach 342404N 1194154W
Leibengood Professional Business Center locale 342626N 1194422W
Lewis Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church church 342505N 1194126W
Lincoln School school 342510N 1194138W
Lincoln School school 342507N 1194143W
Live Oak Dairy Ranch (historical) locale 342641N 1193753W
Lobero Theatre building 342518N 1194156W
Loreto Plaza Shopping Center locale 342624N 1194403W
Los Banos Del Mar park 342428N 1194134W
Louise Lowry Davis Recreation Center park 342520N 1194224W
Manning Park park 342605N 1193756W
Marymount School school 342633N 1194231W
McKenzie Park park 342623N 1194353W
McKinley Elementary School school 342427N 1194200W
Mesa Oil Field oilfield 342400N 1194218W
Mesa Shopping Center locale 342407N 1194318W
Mesa, La flat 342355N 1194244W
Milpitas Shopping Center locale 342507N 1194031W
Mission populated place 342617N 1194423W
Mission Canyon valley 342642N 1194226W
Mission Canyon populated place 342703N 1194243W
Mission Creek stream 342445N 1194112W
Mission Creek Plaza Shopping Center locale 342615N 1194324W
Mission Historical Park park 342618N 1194238W
Mission Santa Barbara church 342618N 1194245W
Monastery of Poor Clares church 342608N 1194249W
Monroe Elementary School school 342414N 1194343W
Monte Vista Elementary School school 342701N 1194442W
Montecito Branch Santa Barbara Public Library building 342612N 1193755W
Montecito Country Club locale 342533N 1193918W
Montecito Covenant Church church 342637N 1193929W
Montecito Creek stream 342500N 1193800W
Montecito Elementary School school 342555N 1193753W
Montecito Peak summit 342819N 1193816W
Montecito School for Girls school 342546N 1193811W
Montecito Village Shopping Center locale 342616N 1193753W
Montessori Childrens Home building 342534N 1194229W
Moreton Bay Fig Tree other 342446N 1194133W
Mount Calvary Monastery church 342729N 1194116W
Music Academy of the West school 342509N 1193851W
Neighborhood Church (historical) church 342622N 1194333W
New Covenant Worship Center church 342525N 1194056W
Notre Dame Academy of Santa Barbara school 342607N 1194254W
Notre Dame School school 342538N 1194224W
Oak Creek stream 342510N 1193733W
Oak Park park 342546N 1194334W
Oasis Christian Center church 342452N 1194254W
One Thousand Steps locale 342345N 1194246W
Ortega Park park 342530N 1194120W
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church church 342522N 1194057W
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church church 342611N 1193824W
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School school 342614N 1193824W
Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church church 342534N 1194219W
Palm Chase Recreation Center park 342451N 1194107W
Palm Park park 342450N 1194105W
Parma Park park 342703N 1194040W
Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center locale 342503N 1194151W
Peabody Elementary School school 342631N 1194340W
Peabody Stadium park 342544N 1194143W
Pilgrim Terrace Park park 342532N 1194323W
Pine Hall building 342623N 1194217W
Plaza Commercial Center locale 342512N 1194134W
Plaza Vera Cruz park 342508N 1194135W
Plaza del Mar park 342431N 1194142W
Plaza del Sol Shopping Center locale 342611N 1193752W
Point Castillo cape 342410N 1194128W
Pueblo Lands of Santa Barbara civil 342520N 1194129W
Punta Del Castillo (historical) building 342423N 1194149W
Rattlesnake Canyon valley 342703N 1194221W
Rattlesnake Canyon Park park 342802N 1194110W
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church 342544N 1194314W
Rocky Nook Park park 342634N 1194236W
Roosevelt Elementary School school 342610N 1194232W
Saint Anthonys Seminary school 342622N 1194252W
Saint Francis Hospital hospital 342601N 1194201W
Saint Marys Seminary school 342733N 1194136W
Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church church 342521N 1194119W
San Marcos Building building 342521N 1194214W
San Roque Canyon valley 342620N 1194438W
San Roque Church church 342639N 1194352W
San Roque Creek stream 342617N 1194444W
San Roque Park park 342637N 1194409W
San Roque School school 342639N 1194352W
Sansum Clinic hospital 342548N 1194316W
Santa Barbara Municipal Golf Course locale 342600N 1194409W
Santa Barbara Buddhist Church church 342535N 1194049W
Santa Barbara Buddhist Priory church 342712N 1194236W
Santa Barbara Cemetery cemetery 342508N 1193916W
Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce building 342514N 1194104W
Santa Barbara Channel channel 341500N 1200000W
Santa Barbara City College school 342422N 1194151W
Santa Barbara City Hall building 342513N 1194151W
Santa Barbara College school 342620N 1194215W
Santa Barbara College school 342423N 1194147W
Santa Barbara Community Church church 342517N 1194308W
Santa Barbara County Administration Building building 342531N 1194207W
Santa Barbara County Bowl locale 342607N 1194134W
Santa Barbara County Courthouse building 342527N 1194204W
Santa Barbara County Law Library building 342527N 1194204W
Santa Barbara Harbor harbor 342426N 1194116W
Santa Barbara High School school 342545N 1194135W
Santa Barbara High School District Office building 342538N 1194110W
Santa Barbara Historical Society Library building 342518N 1194145W
Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum building 342518N 1194145W
Santa Barbara Island island 332832N 1190207W
Santa Barbara Junior College school 342520N 1194145W
Santa Barbara Junior High School school 342535N 1194115W
Santa Barbara Lighthouse locale 342347N 1194317W
Santa Barbara Municipal Tennis Court park 342522N 1193947W
Santa Barbara Museum of Art building 342524N 1194211W
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History building 342627N 1194248W
Santa Barbara Point cape 342352N 1194205W
Santa Barbara Post Office post office 342518N 1194153W
Santa Barbara Presidio (historical) locale 342543N 1194139W
Santa Barbara Public Library building 342526N 1194209W
Santa Barbara Sanitarium (historical) hospital 342545N 1194301W
Santa Barbara Senior High School school 342546N 1194136W
Santa Barbara Tennis Club locale 342647N 1194230W
Santa Barbara Visitors Information Center building 342452N 1194110W
Santa Barbara Water Tunnel tunnel 342907N 1194203W
Santa Barbara Winery locale 342456N 1194122W
Santa Barbara Yacht Club locale 342413N 1194131W
Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens park 342510N 1193947W
Sea Center Marine Museum building 342437N 1194105W
Second Baptist Church church 342459N 1194131W
Sheffield 11-002 Dam dam 342643N 1194125W
Sheffield Reservoir reservoir 342643N 1194125W
Shoreline Park park 342348N 1194220W
Skofield Park park 342725N 1194134W
South Portal tunnel 342812N 1194221W
Spencer Adams Park park 342518N 1194221W
Spiritualist Church church 342530N 1194152W
Stearns Wharf locale 342433N 1194102W
Stearns Wharf Vintners locale 342432N 1194102W
Stevens Park park 342655N 1194402W
Storke Plaza park 342508N 1194150W
Sunflower Park park 342529N 1194032W
Sycamore Canyon valley 342545N 1194033W
Sycamore Creek stream 342500N 1193957W
Temple Bnai Brith church 342604N 1194245W
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church 342602N 1194248W
Thornbury Park park 342430N 1194235W
Trinity Episcopal Church church 342536N 1194226W
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church (historical) church 342542N 1194306W
Trussell-Winchester Adobe building 342440N 1194151W
Tunnel Trail trail 342847N 1194146W
Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara church 342544N 1194222W
United Pentecostal Church church 342523N 1194045W
Unity Church of Santa Barbara church 342548N 1194221W
Vega Mar (historical) building 342510N 1193947W
Veronica Springs spring 342440N 1194427W
Veterans Memorial Building building 342439N 1194125W
Vic Trace Reservoir reservoir 342417N 1194252W
Waldorf School of Santa Barbara school 342618N 1194248W
Washington Elementary School school 342355N 1194311W
West Fork Cold Spring Canyon valley 342754N 1193924W
Westmont College school 342701N 1193937W
Willow Glen Park park 342700N 1194436W
Wilson School school 342509N 1194231W