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Other Forms of Transportation


Convenient round trip transportation between Los Angeles International Airport and Santa Barbara is available from the Santa Barbara Airbus. There are 14 bus trips each day, with buses leaving Goleta 4am-7pm. A one-way trip costs $32 if pre-paid at least 24 hours in advance($35 non pre-pay price); round trip is $ 60 if pre-paid ($65 non pre-pay). Group rates are also available. Hours every day: 7am-10pm;964-7759

  Greyhound Bus

The Greyhound depot is in Santa Barbara, next door to the local MTD Transit Center. Prices change seasonally. About 10 buses leave each day from Santa Barbara in either direction. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served bases (reservations are not accepted) so it is advised that you arrive 45-60 minutes early to insure a seat;965-7551


There are a few taxi companies in the Santa Barbara area. The fare is very expensive compared to bus fare. But if  there are no buses at night, it can be convenient to take a taxi.

Taxi Cab Companies


American Taxi


Crown Cab


Orange Cab


Rose Cab


Santa Barbara Taxi


Yellow Cab



The Amtrak station is located at 209 State Street in downtown Santa Barbara and at the end of La Patera Lane in Goleta. Amtrak offers two trains daily from Santa Barbara and at the end of La Patera Lane in Goleta to Los Angeles, with connections to San Diego and to the east. Another train travels daily to Seattle and points between. Fares change depending on season and availability but there is usually a discount on round trip fares. Information is available at the depot everyday 7am-11pm (closed 1:30-2:30pm and 6:30-7pm); or you can call for information and reservation; 1-800-USA-RAIL.


There are a lot of bike lane in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Itís very convenient to go to near place. So, many students use bikes to go to school. You can buy a bicycle easily or can get used bike in a store. When you buy a bike, you should have a lock because there are so many bike thefts in Santa Barbara. U-Locks ($15-$30) are usually the most reliable. Do ask the shop keeper for choices.

Here is a bike route map. (takes a long time to download, so be patient)

Bicyclists must:

  • ride only on bike paths
  • walk bikes on all sidewalk
  • obey vehicle law
  • stop at stop signs
  • not carry passengers on parts of a bicycle not designed for riding (e.g., handlebars)
  • not ride on any four lane divided highway or roadway
  • use hand signals when turning
  • travel at safe speeds
  • use a bike light at night
  • park only in bicycle parking lots and lock bikes only in bike rack
  • never block emergency or handicapped access areas with a bike
  • never ride a bike while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
  • ride on campus for transportation only (no stunt biking is allowed)

Bicycle shops


Located at the Kmart Shopping center, next to Chevron Gas Station

Phone: (805) 685-6799

Price Range: Beach Cruisers starts at $180 to $400 for high performance bikes. All are new bikes. Full service tune-ups are available.


882 Embarcadero Del Mar
Isla Vista, CA 93117
Phone: (805) 968-3338

Price Range: $75 to $120 for used bikes, $150 and up for new bikes. They will buy your bike when you leave for about 30% of the price you paid if you sell it back within 45days of the date that you bought it.


6865 Hollister Avenue

Goleta, CA93117

Phone: (805) 968-4462

Price Range: $80 to $170 for all new bikes. There are no used bikes for sale. There is a 30 days warrantee for all bikes. Pre-tune-ups for new bikes are also available during the warrantee period.


6578 Pardall Road
Isla Vista, CA 93117
Phone: (805) 968-4914

Price Range: $80 and up (new and used)

New and used bikes with a full-service shop available. Also, they advertise the fact that they accept ďtrade-ins.Ē If you have a bike that you donít like, you can take it there and they will give you credit towards another bike. Basically, they will buy your old bike of you buy another from them.


5880 Hollister Ave.
Goleta, CA 93117
Phone: (805) 964-8355

Price Range: $150.00 and up (mostly new)

This is a full service bike shop that offers all types of bikes at a wide range of prices.

  • Big Gear Bike Gear

324 State St#A, Santa Barbara

Phone: (805) 962-5962

Alessandrea Conte from Italy

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