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Using Public Phones

To use a public phone in the U.S.,  you need some coins (nickels=5cents, dimes=10cents, and quarters=25cents) or a prepaid telephone card. No special telephone token is necessary. Also, it is possible to find telephones that accept credit cards at most airports.

Local and long distance telephone calls can be made from the same telephone in the United States.

 Local calls: 35cents

    1)      Pick up the receiver

    2)      Put 35cents in the telephone

    3)      Dial the telephone number (use the last 7 digits only)

   Long Distance Calls

Cost depends on distance and the length of the call. It may cost up to $2 for the first 3minutes. Be sure to have enough change.

     1)      Pick up the receiver.

     2)      Put in at least 35cents

     3)      Dial the long distance telephone number (use a 1 +area code+ the last 7 digits of the number)

     4)      After you dial the number, a message will tell you the amount of money to put into the telephone for the first three minutes.

If you use a prepaid telephone card, you can follow the instructions on the back of the card. Telephone cards may be purchased at many convenience or grocery stores in the U.S.

Joung-hyun Park from Korea (Left) 
and Toshi Shimizu from Japan
video interview