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USA Holidays & Tipping

Holidays in the United States

January 1—New Year’s Day
Starting with the night before (New Year’s Eve on December 31st), this is a celebration to welcome the new year.

January (3rd Monday of the month)—Martin Luther King Day
This is a holiday commemorating the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), an African-American civil rights leader who received the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize.

February (3rd Monday of the month)—President’s Day
This day honors past U.S. presidents, commemorating the February birthdays of George Washington (the first president and Commander of the Armies that won U.S. independence) and Abraham Lincoln (the 16th U.S. president who held office during the U.S. Civil War and was known for abolishing slavery).

February 22 (often observed on the nearest Monday)—Washington’s Birthday
Honors the birthday of the first U.S. president, George Washington.

May (last Monday of the month)—Memorial Day
A holiday in remembrance of members of the armed forces killed in war.

July 4—Independence Day
On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed as thirteen colonies declared their independence from England and became the first thirteen states of the United States. Fireworks displays mark this holiday.

September (1st Monday of the month)—Labor Day
This is a holiday honoring the contributions and efforts of laborers.

October (2nd Monday of the month)—Columbus Day
A holiday honoring the landing of Christopher Columbus, traditionally considered the discoverer of America, in the West Indies (in the year 1492).

November 11—Veterans Day
A holiday in commemoration of the end of World War I and in honor of veterans of the armed forces (the people who served).

November (last Thursday of the month)—Thanksgiving Day
This is a day of feasting and giving thanks for everything. This feast was initiated by the Pilgrims (the first settlers in the thirteen colonies of the U.S.) and the Native Americans (who already lived on the land).

December 25—Christmas Day
The annual holiday of the Christian church commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. As Christianity is widely celebrated in the United States, this is a national holiday. Many people exchange gifts with family and friends at this time of year. Some celebrate the night before (Christmas Eve).

February 14—Valentine’s Day
This has become a day to celebrate love and romance. “Valentines” or tokens of love (cards, candy, gifts) are exchanged.

March 17—St. Patrick’s Day
Parades and parties mark this day honoring the patron saint of Ireland.

April 1—April Fools’ Day
Jokes or tricks are traditionally played on the unsuspecting.

May (the 2nd Sunday)—Mother’s Day
As the title suggests, many people choose to honor their mothers on this day with cards, gifts, etc.

June (the 3rd Sunday)—Father’s Day
On this day, many people choose to honor their fathers with cards, gifts, etc.

October 31—Halloween
The eve of All Saint’s Day for which many people dress in costume (often scary ones!) for parties, and candy is given to children.


Your tip should be left on the table when you leave a restaurant. It is common to leave an amount equal 15% of the total bill. An easy way to calculate this 15% is to double the amount of the sales tax. This amount will be just a bit over 15%. Leaving less that $0.50 is considered rude. A dollar per person is usually the minimum. The following lists suggest who are generally considered to be tipped: Barber shop/ Beauty shop/ Deliveries/Bartenders/Hotels/ Restaurants/ Taxi

Min-hyung Cho (left) from Korea and Junichi Tanigawa (middle) from Japan and Sang-woo Kang from Korea
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