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Santa Barbara is a community rich in educational opportunity.  There are also a number of schools that offer philosophies that cater from the very traditional to the non-traditional.  Some schools are bilingual.  Some are religious.

Our higher education options are also diverse ranging from universities with a broad curriculum to specialized schools such as law and psychology.

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Providence Hall -
Providence Hall is an independent college preparatory school that exists to challenge young men and women to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, to develop a passion for the pursuit of truth and excellence, and to love others as themselves through character, service, and leadership.
Reflecting the greater Santa Barbara community, students of diverse socio-economic, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds attend Providence Hall. Cost-based tuition and fees are competitive with other quality independent college preparatory schools, and a program of confidential, need-based tuition assistance enables students to enroll regardless of their families’ income and circumstances.

Our exceptional faculty and staff, with advanced degrees in their disciplines, hold hybrid positions—combining teaching, administrative, and coaching/mentoring duties. All faculty and staff members are called to live and work in such a way that integrates the Christian faith with the pursuit of learning.