Psychedelics & Entheogens - Preparation, Integration and Transformation
Date: 6/1/2019

Thinking of exploring Psychedelics? Better Be Prepared

PART 1 - Preparing For the Journey (presented by Zach Leary)

By the end of this part of the workshop you will be able to:

. Identify the main Entheogens (Psilocybin, LSD, 5Meo-DMT, Peyote and Ibogaine) and the unique ways each can heal emotional trauma and aid in spiritual growth.
. Create the ideal Set, Setting and Intention prior to taking each Psychedelic.
. Determine the ideal ceremonial setting for each Psychedelic.
. Identify Pharmaceuticals and foods to avoid prior to taking specific Psychedelics.
. Consistently have productive and healing journeys.

PART 2 - Integration and Transformation (presented by Tricia Eastman)

By the end of this part of the workshop you will be able to (with the proper use of Psychedelics):

. Deconstruct the patterns of self-sabotage and addictions that prevent you from getting what you truly love.
. Connect to what is most meaningful and aligned with your heart.
. Feel the distinct differences between being in flow and thinking, trying, or pushing through life.
. Be guided on how to use intuition as a tool to align with your heart and soul.
. Understand how to use guided shamanic journey to reclaim part of yourself that you have become disconnected due to trauma.

WHEN / WHERE: Sat, June 1 | 8AM 12PM | Unity of Santa Barbara (227 E Arrellaga St)

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DISCLAIMER: EntheoMedicine DOES NOT advocate the use of any illegal substances. However if you are going to use them anyway, learn how to use them in a manner that will keep you safe and provide the greatest opportunity for healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

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