Family, tradition, and local love have all come together at Pure Order Brewing Company, a one-of-a-kind brewery and taproom in the heart of Santa Barbara. Pure Order has quickly become a spot infused with the culture of the city, a place where friends and families meet up for a good time, and tastes you can't find anywhere else - the very definition of "local flavor."

They produce their beer in the spirit of the ancient German "Reinheitsgebot" which required that only four ingredients (hops, malt, yeast, and water) be used in beer production. Pure Order Brewing Company brews range from light to dark, with rich bodied, pale hoppy, and festive seasonal ales and lagers.

Pure Order Brewing Company Brewmaster & Owner James Burge is more or less the driving force behind Pure Order Brewing Company. Pure Order Brewery is deeply devoted to family and will remain to be a Burge family project. They strive to give back to their second family, the community of Santa Barbara, which supports Pure Order in all that it has to offer. Each Burge is as lively and unique as their brews.

The Burge family works diligently to invite their clients to be apart of the family project. The Burge's family ethics are brought to the taproom through the hard work and drive instilled in the Burge's to bring great bold flavors. Grab your favorite and head to the outdoor area for a game of bocce ball or a round of giant Jenga. The Pure Order family can't wait to welcome yours.