The La Cumbre Peak day-use area is a contradiction: it is Santa Barbara's hidden gem yet is the most visible spot in town. With amazing views of the South Coast, the Channel Islands, the backcountry, and Santa Ynez Valley, La Cumbre Peak is a 4,000-foot peak in the Santa Ynez Mountain range immediately to the north of Santa Barbara.

La Cumbre Peak is the highest summit near the city and is a popular destination for those looking to have a grand view of the South Coast and surrounding area. The roads to the top, Gibralter Road and East Camino Cielo, are frequently used by runners and cyclists for training because of the elevation gain.

La Cumbre Peak is also a frequent escape for locals when Santa Barbara is foggy because the summit is usually above the clouds with a spectacular of a non-foggy backcountry.

When you reach the top you will be greeted by Coulter pines (planted in the 1930s), maple trees, manzanita, bay trees, chaparral, picnic tables, an abanadoned lookout tower (built in 1945), and a plethora of radio dishes and antennas. The only amenities at La Cumbre Peak are public restrooms and picnic tables.