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Santa Barbara's popular skateboard park called "skaters point" is located at the beach, just east of Stearns Wharf. It's used mostly by skate boarders, with only about 5-10% on inline skates.

Skaters point offers the best in bowl riding and and street skating. Bring your pads because you cannot skate with out helmet and pads!!

Movie - Skaters Point on a Saturday

Since skateboarding is as popular now as ever and with a whole new generation of kids taking part, places in which to legally skateboard are becoming more important.

In the past, cities have been hesitant to establish public facilities for skateboarders because of liability issues. New laws have made it easier for cities to limit their liabilities at these publicly owned parks and this has resulted in an ever increasing number of facilities to skate.

Now, Santa Barbara skateboarders have a fun, safe place to skate.