Goleta Skatepark

The 4,500 square foot Goleta Skatepark is one component of the 4-acre Wallis Park in Goleta's historic Old Town, near the intersection of Hollister and Kellogg. Spohn Ranch was commissioned as skatepark designer by the City of Goleta. According to California law, the skate park is subject to certain regulations and rules. All users are required to wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads in the skate park at all times, and follow all of the posted rules.

Skater's Point

Santa Barbara's popular skateboard park called "Skaters Point" is located at the beach, just east of Stearns Wharf. It's used mostly by skate boarders, with only about 5-10% on inline skates. Skaters point offers the best in bowl riding and street skating. Bring your protective equipment because you cannot skate with out helmet and pads. This free, 14,000 sqft concrete skateboard parkpark features rails, hips, ledges, quarterpipes, banks, pyramid, and a V-bowl.

GoSkate Skateboarding Lessons

GoSkate provides assistance to Santa Barbara area skateboarding enthusiasts. We believe that proper skateboarding lessons will lead to a much enjoyable experience, eliminating chances of accidents. We want to increase the number of skateboarders in Santa Barbara and Goleta, therefore, we only offer reasonably priced skateboarding lessons. Learn the basics and once you are equipped with adequate knowledge, we will move forward on the amazing skateboarding tricks such as Ollie, Aerial, Flip and many more.