Thousand Steps Beach, offically named One Thousand Steps Beach, is a narrow beach below homes high on East Mesa bluffs. The dilapidated concrete stairs, originally constructed in the 1920s, show their age. They look downright scary when compared to the pristine stairwell at neighboring Mesa Steps Beach. Though the name claims there are a thousand steps the actual number is near 150. Thousand Steps Beach is just to the west of Shoreline Park Beach and to the east of Mesa Lane Beach. As is the case with most narrow beaches in Santa Barbara, the sand is usually under water during high tide.

  • Features: Alcohol Not Allowed, Beach, Parking On Street
  • Dog Policy: Dogs Allowed On Leash, Dogs Allowed Off Leash

Dogs are only allowed off leash on the beach in Santa Barbara in one specific, continuous stretch of beach: west (right as you face the ocean) of the beach staircase at Shoreline Park, all of Thousand Steps Beach, all of Mesa Lane Beach, and east (left as you face the ocean) of the mouth of Arroyo Burro Creek at Hendry's Beach.

Thousand Steps Beach is not particularly popular for sunbathing but can enjoy fun tide pool exploration (when the tide is low) and beachwalking. If the tide is rising don't venture too far in either direction or you may find yourself walking in water back to your starting point. Thousand Steps Beach is almost never busy and it has some of the best coastal views in the entire area. It is particularly spectactular during low tide at sunset.

Thousand Steps Beach is located at the very end of Santa Cruz Boulevard near Shoreline Drive. There are only a few parking spaces the top of the stairs but more can be found along Shoreline Drive and on Santa Cruz Boulevard across the street toward the mountains.