Also known as Patterson Neighborhood Open Space, this is an unfenced horseshoe-shaped 1 acre park located at University Drive and Calle Arparejo in Goleta. It is one of just a few parks in Goleta that allows dogs to be off leash. It's open for dogs off-leash play Monday through Friday from 8-10am though they're welcome on-leash any time. The off-leash privilege only applies to the designated area which means you dog must be leashed from your car to the park. This grassy area allows dogs to run around, roll on the ground, get lots of exercise, and have fun with other canines.

  • Features: Alcohol Allowed, Parking On Street, Passive Open Spaces
  • Dog Policy: Dogs Allowed On Leash. Dogs Allowed Off Leash Monday-Friday 8am - 10am.

There are no fences in this park but there is a natural barrier in the form of a hill and a creek. There also is no water available for your pet and there is a single bench toward the back of the park. If you are looking for a park with water, fences, chairs, and tennis balls, consider going to Tabano Hollow Open Space which is just a block away. Tabano gets crowded though, so if your pet doesn't like a lot of company, they will go wild for this Goleta natural space.

There is no area dedicated to smaller and shy dogs, so pet owners are responsible for making sure that they are safe and constant supervision is a must. Each dog must have a collar with identification, as well as valid licenses attached at all times while they are in the off-leash area. There are no dog poop dispensers so bring your supply.